Monday, May 02, 2005

Advertising on Scribbit


• 50,000-60,000 page views per month, depending on season
• 30,000 visitors per month
• 2200 subscribers through emails and RSS feeds
• Ranked as fifth in the list of ten Top Motherhood Blogs in the Wall Street Journal April 10, 2008 "The Blogger Mom in Your Face" by Sue Shellenbarger

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Here's what sponsors have had to say about advertising at Scribbit:

"Since I started advertising at Scribbit, I’ve definitely seen an increase in interest and overall sales in my business. The positive impact was immediate and continues to draw great exposure. As a quality site, it is the perfect place for my advertising dollars."
-- Sheila
A Simple Impression at Etsy
"I’ve had my ad with your blog for about 2 months now, and I’m getting over 60% more visitors from Scribbit, more than any of my other advertising sources. I love the blog and am happy to be associated with it.

Thanks again for sending me such wonderful customers."
-- Sherry
Baby Girl Bracelets by Sher's Wares
"As a small business owner looking for creative ways to invest in targeted marketing, Michelle’s blog, Scribbit was the perfect place to start! Her warm, easy going ability to relate to her readers and her gift of introducing classic, eye-catching items makes it easy to draw in potential customers who may buy my product."
--Missficklemedia at Etsy

To advertise at Scribbit you can choose between a banner ad or a two-line text ad. As an extra feature for no additional charge, all advertisers at Scribbit receive text links at the bottom of individual posts. In individual posts I mention one or two advertisers per day with a brief description of their product and a link to their site, rotating through advertisers approximately once a week.

These extra promotions are designed to reach out to the large audience reading Scribbit via RSS, email subscriptions. It is done as a bonus and frequency of links will vary depending on how many advertisers there are at any given time.

Banner Ads

A graphic under the "Sponsors" section in the right sidebar which will be displayed on each of the 1600 pages of Scribbit.

125 wide X 125 high square graphic


250 wide X 100 high long graphic

Text Ads

A customized text ad of up to two lines which will be placed under the "Sponsors" section in the right side bar under the banner ads on each of the 1600 pages of Scribbit.

All ads are subject to review and approval and must be appropriate for Scribbit readers. For additional questions please contact me at scribbit [at]

Thank you for supporting Scribbit.