Friday, April 07, 2006

Things I Don't Understand

10. golf--not a really a sport, at best a pastime

9. goatees--it makes men look like the Devil

8. Cold Play--do all their songs have the same rhythm?

7. "reality" television--my life sure doesn't look like that

6. body piercings--EEW!

5. the Super Bowl--not the best game or entertainment even for football.

4. Hummers--talk about a complex

3. sushi--who ever looked at a piece of raw fish and said, "MMmm, looks good"?

2. rap--only except is Run DMC and even they had their moments

1. Las Vegas--it's really just a pit in the desert with slot machines, strippers and tacky neon. Oooooh, now I understand. Still don't like it.