Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Courses I'd Take if I Went Back to College

10. Shakespeare. Again. I slept through most of that class the first time.

9. Statistics. Only D I ever had and I'd like to see if I'm any smarter a second time around. Maybe not.

8. French. It wasn't hard to slide through my last French Lit class, avoiding any attempts at conversation through the "no eye contact policy." I'd like a refresher and another shot at it.

7. Horseback riding. Why not? I've always wanted to learn.

6. Philosophy 101. I don't think I could handle more than that. But since I already know that I know nothing I figure I'm half way there already.

5. Neuroscience. I'm sure they don't have classes in this area outside of med school, but the brain is fascinating and I'd love to study it.

4. Horticulture. After all the time gardening, who knows? Maybe I'd find I knew it already.

3. Geography. Culture and people are fascinating, particularly in the Middle East.

2. Graphic design. Artistic yet practical and persuasive. Interesting and entertaining.

1. History. Any time, any place but I'm partial to the last two thousand years in Europe and Britain.