Tuesday, August 08, 2006


by Rafael Sabatini

This is another rags-to-riches story with plenty of sword fighting and intrigue at which Sabatini excels. Or more accurately it is a "well-loved adopted son with plenty of spending money-to-famous aristocrat and statesman who gets the girl story." Scaramouche is probably Sabatini's most famous work though there are others (The Sea Hawk for example) that I think are better.

The hero, Andre-Louis Moreau begins as the adopted son of a good-tempered French country nobleman. The honest but naive old man has a family friend who is titled but not so scrupulous and causes much trouble for Andre-Louis. This merciless Count forces Andre to flee his home and go into hiding on the stage and later in the poltics leading up to the French Revolution, all of course, while falling in love with a beautiful young aristocrat and winning back his good name and his adopted father's trust. Family secrets, espionage, and deception all add up to a flash finale that isn't unexpected--okay it's pretty obvious--but nonetheless satisfying.

Another great story from Sabatini that is worth a look.