Thursday, September 14, 2006

Cream Puff Paradise

"How was your day today? What did you do?" He asked.

Well when was the last time you made 100 cream puffs? I've wondered if they were technically cream puffs because I didn't make them with cream inside the pastry so that part couldn't be the cream, I just had puff.

And since I was making this for a group of men I abandoned the silly notion of putting a custard inside (stupid mortal who thought that was better than chocolate) and instead used my favorite chocolate mousse recipe. I guess that makes them mousse puffs. That's got a real Alaskan sound to it.

Then to finish the presentation I used a pureed raspberry sauce--I believe the snooty, now-popular name is "coulis" and if I'm remembering my six years of French that's pronounced "coo-lee" but I've never heard anybody ever put themselves out on a limb enough by trying to say it that way. Kind of like the gyro. I know it's supposed to be year-row rather than ji-ro (no that looks like a decree from Ai Quaida) gy-ro (funny now I'm back to how it's really spelled). Point is, it's not pronounced with a "g" "j" or "i" sound but no one feels confident enough to walk into a restaurant and "I'd like a year-row." Or maybe it's just the classy people I'm eating out with.

Anyway . . . the raspberry sauce was good. And the chocolate was well-received.

But you may be thinking "Holy Cow! What does 100 cream puffs even look like?" Here's the proof of my day and the one above is the One That Got Away.

The recipe is on the sidebar should you feel a need for 100 cream puffs--or just 10--in your life. Happy eating.