Monday, September 18, 2006

Something She Didn't Know

Some things you just take for granted, things that as an adult you've figured out and don't stop to analyze or consider. And then your kids come along and you realize that there's some information out there that not everyone has, information that just hasn't filtered down to them yet.

For example . . . Grace woke up this morning not feeling so well. Nothing big enough to justify staying home, just a little achy and under the weather. I did the tradition Forehead Feel (and it's remarkably accurate I've found) and decided that it might be wise to send her out the door with drugs in her system (because heaven knows she can't get anything for relief once she's at school thanks to our "Zero Drug Tolerance" policy).

So I marched her upstairs while everyone else was piling in the car and grabbed the trusty Tylenol. She hasn't had a cold in quite a while and since she's now 12 I decided she's graduated to adult dosages. I popped open the cap, dumped one coated caplet on the counter and said as I ran downstairs to herd the cattle, "Take that and then get in the car."

As we were making the first left hand turn out of the cul-de-sac she said with disgust and more than a touch of complaint, "Why can't they make adult medicine taste good like kid stuff?"

Puzzled and wondering at her bionic taste buds (but then this is the kid who hates lettuce) I said, "Well, it doesn't really have any taste, it's coated in some kind of plastic membrane or something."

"It was nasty! Kind of a cardboard-plastic-vanilla-nightmare! I thought lettuce was bad--but I could hardly finish chewing!"

I guess I never filled her in on some things.

Oh, and check out the list of this week's freebies at MotherLoad. I love getting free stuff. Maybe they have free Tylenol. Or if you want your own blog enter the Bluebird Blogs contest.