Friday, November 03, 2006

Good Things

I know nothing is quite the same as your daily scribbit read but try to console yourself with these links that put me to shame:

* mental tesserae could be my favorite blog out there. Julie's a humanities professor at my alma mater and her posts are always interesting and artsy--you know, funny and they make you think . . . check her out.

* In honor of Halloween, check out this game coming from Bonnie at Ballpoint Wren. Then leave me a comment but don't hate me.

* Go see what Karen's doing at verbatim. And then check again a few hours later, she's always posting *grumble* making the rest of us look bad. She's got good recipes and we editors (or editors-in-a-previous-life) have to stick together.

* Live vicariously through Jen at One Plus Two. She's got amazing pictures and travel stories that will take you around the world. She occasionally can talk politics and has some good "I can't believe that happened to you!" stories.

Don't worry, I'll be back and posting again soon--or not. Chances are I'm loving the cruise so much you'll never hear from me again.


Anonymous said...

I truly and honestly hate you right now. (nah, but that game!...damn you) My heart jumped into my ass.

jen said...

ahhhh. sister. what a lovely compliment. have a terrific time!

Julie said...

Thanks Michelle, my loyal friend, for the recommendation. It figures that the morning I post something totally confessional (and think "at least very few people will see this") you put my blog on your site. Well at least they'll get to see the real me.

Anonymous said...

Hey, former editor, "she's got" means "she has got" which is horrible grammar!! LOL Have a lovely time on your cruise! I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

Evil comment about game!