Friday, December 01, 2006

Perfect Post Award for November

When asked for a nomination for November's Perfect Post Award I wanted to nominate Julie at Mental Tesserae but had a hard time picking which post, she's one of my favorites and usually has something interesting to say. While everyone else was preaching about why I should vote, her post was unique, personal and artsy (as usual). Here it is.

See Suburban Turmoil or Petroville for others.


Annie said...

Gotta ask -- what is ROFL???

Julie said...

Thanks again. I really needed a happy moment in my cave of broken-foot-induced self pity. Your nomination (and all the visitors it has brought) really brighted my day.
I'm blowing good karma North in your direction.

local girl said...

I think you may have gotten 2 awards mixed up with each other. Either way, it was a great post!

scribbit said...

Yes, thanks I couldn't understand what you meant until I went and looked at my post. Whoops. Sorry for the mix-up, ROFL is another award given out by Izzy Mom. Now I really will be voted off the island.

Can you tell I sometimes do dingy things?