Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Two Carnivals and Six Good Links

While you're out and about today, the first ever Carnival of Story Tellers is up at Digital Rich and is worth a look. Also, the 10th edition of The Carnival of Travel is up at Trip Hub (which explains my otherwise unrelated photo of a pyramind in Chaccoban, Mexico) and has a tempting post about my favorite vacation spot, Maui.

But wait, there more!

Here are a few added tidbits for your enjoyment--blogs I've found entertaining which I read via my Sage feeds. If you haven't already read them, pay a visit and tell them Michelle sent you.

55 Fiction. A blog that highlights fiction in 55 words or less--and who doesn't have time for 55 words?

Ballpoint Wren. Bonnie's Super Sabado is guaranteed to have something that will intrigue you or make you laugh. Plus she's just a nice person.

Baking Delights. Possibly the best photography in a blog as it is guaranteed to make you hungry. One of the blogs I nominated for a 2007 Bloggie under Best Food Blog.

Buzz Off. The only problem I have with Melissa's blog is that she doesn't post enough for me. Great posts and usually great comments that enhance and contribute to the topic.

Never a Dull Moment. I just saw this one today and loved latest post enough to include on this list. I'll have to watch this one, she's a good writer.

History Is Elementary. I probably don't have to mention this blog because it's obvious everyone's reading it but I love posts where I take something away (aren't I selfish?) and every time I visit I feel smarter.

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Lauri said...

Cool links! Thanks for posting them.

K T Cat said...

Maui no ka oi!

What's your favorite snorkeling spot? Mine is Ulua Beach.

scribbit said...

Honolua Bay is one I've wanted to try but I've enjoyed Molokini.

The last couple times we've been have been with small children so my snorkeling time has been rather limited. Po'olenalena Beach is our favorite beach though.

K T Cat said...

Molokini is a ton of fun. I've always wanted to scuba dive, but I've never learned. Because of the depth of the attractive things in the water, I felt that Molokini was the closest I've ever been to it.

Nicole said...

Snorkeling scares me. I just feel clostrophobic. Cool links though.

Jen said...

Wow. Thanks for adding me to your "six good links". I went and checked out the other five and I'm humbled too.
Read through many of your posts while my sons were blessedly sleeping this morning and I know I'll be back! Thanks!

Mike said...

Love the idea behind 55 Fiction.


Lisa said...

Ohhh. Thanks for the links. Love to check out new stuff!

Angelo said...

Looks like a lot of interesting sites, gonna have check them out! Thanks for posting them :)

Gina said...

I will have to check those sites and see for myself =)
Thanks for dropping by & "see" yah Thursday for T13! =)

elementaryhistoryteacher said...

Thanks for the compliment. It made my day.

patti @strollerderby said...

Great links, lots of crunchy food for thought here. Thanks!