Friday, March 16, 2007

Deep Thoughts on Osama and Other Tidbits

Osama Bin LadenAndrew and I were enjoying the peace of our weekly Friday night date and driving to Eagle River for some greasy Mexican food when he turned to me and said:

"If you were walking on a street in India and just happened to look up at building and there at a window was Osama Bin Laden--you were totally sure it was him--would you call the FBI?"

"Well, no I'd call the CIA, they're the ones in charge of foreign espionage and counter-terrorism and that kind of stuff. FBI is domestic."

"Okay but after you called the CIA and turned him in, would you be excited?"

"Sure, why not?"

"Well you'd be world-famous. You'd be on television and the internet. Are you sure you'd want the Muslim world knowing that Michelle Mitton living in Anchorage, Alaska was the one who brought down Osama? That has jihad written all over it."

"Good point." Then after a second of further thought I said, "No, I'd tell them my name was [fill in the name a neighbor who hates us]. Then they'd look for her."


Who ever said there's no such thing as bad press?


"Lyrics, dude. Recite her some lyrics!" (Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure)

Char at Casual Keystrokes has a fun meme going. Her friend Ingo is trying to write a song and has asked for contributions. If you're feeling artsy mosey over to her place and add your line. You're going to have a tough time beating the poetry I produced--move over Dylan, I smell Grammy.

Lisa at Midwestern Mommy was thoughtful enough to award me the Thinking Blogger award which surprised me I'll admit. I've always admired other bloggers for their deep and insightful posts, righting wrongs, raising social consciousness, saving hamsters and making the world safe for breakfast lovers everywhere but what pleased me was the implication that perhaps trying to be a better woman, wife or mother requires some thought and that starting with the walls of your own can make the world better within your sphere of influence since that's about all I have time for these days. Thanks, Lisa, you're terrific! And to pass the award along I nominate:

Food Blogga--because she thinks about food and I like thinking about food.
Dandelion Mama--because she's taking a break from thinking and deserves this award for her previous thoughtful posts.
Days to Come--because she's made me think differently about my own houseplants.
The Scratching Post--because he saved me from the Science Fair with his electromagnet idea and is therefore definitely a thinker in my book.
Karen Shanley--because she thinks about words and is a good writer.


I'd like to say thanks for all the emails and comments I've had the past couple weeks, I've been pleased that so many of you think the search engine for momblogs is a good idea. However, it has been hard getting back to everyone, keeping up with emails and answering all the comments plus keeping my day job going. Please don't be upset if I haven't made my way around to your blog, I do try to comment as much as possible but life's caught up with me. Maybe it will get easier . . . at least I'm having lots of fun with this blogging thing.

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my4kids said...

I would probably have to give the name of someone I didn't like also. Not that I would want anything to happen to them of course...... I just wouldn't want the fame :P

Or Jihhad

Anonymous said...

Let´s write a song:

Thanks Michelle. You wrote a great line for the upcomming Grammy Award winning song ;-) Is Dylan supposed to write his line as a commend? Maybe it would help to link his name so that we all can follow this song.

kat said...

Remind me to never make you mad.

So,'s the mexican food in Alaska? I'm not sure which frightens me more....mexican food in Alaska or jihad.

Our 4 Munchkins...6 pigtales & a buzzcut! said...

For sure I would call someone on that horrible man..actually i don't even want to call him a man. But I would want to stay anonymous

Christie said...

Ooh, you guys are so right. I never thought about it that way. Now if I spot him, I'll definitely give him the name of someone I used to work with who I just cannot stand. She would actually love the fame, too! And she wouldn't have a problem taking all the credit either!

K T Cat said...

Sister Scribbit, that was a very kind thing to do. I woke up this morning with a bit of the San Diego morning fog in my heart and I read this and said "Awwwwwwwwww." Now I'm smiling. Thank you!

By the way, my email can be found on my Blogger profile.

I'm very glad our electromagnet experiment helped.

Susan said...

Michelle, there are so many reasons to love your blog: you're witty, insightful, and generous. Thank you for nominating me; I am touched.

Kelly said...

I'm just impressed that you know the difference between the FBI and the CIA. I can never keep those straight.

J said...

I also would call the CIA, not the FBI...but like others, I would remain anonymous. I wouldn't even want my evil neighbors to be affected by jihad...not because I like them, but because their house is too darned close to ours if there are suicide bombers or something.

I've had pretty good mexican food in Juneau, so I'm sure it can happen in Anchorage. And I'm Californian, so I know of what I speak. ;)

Author Mom DogNut said...

What Susan said, ditto! Seriously, I love the mix of food, fun, and laughter I know I can always find here. If you lived next door, I'd want to be your best friend.

And on Bin Laden. I'd just get one of the thugs in the street to take care of it. End of story. No names. No fame. :)

J Fife said...

Love the conversation snippets between you and Andrew. I think my husband and I reverse roles in conversations of this type. I ask the way out questions and he knows the difference between the CIA and FBI.

An Ordinary Mom said...

I love having conversations like this with my husband, it keeps us thinking. Who says married people have nothing to talk about?

I am just glad you still have time to post!

Leslie said...

I would definitely call the CIA, but I would remain anonymous. I wouldn't want to be world-famous for that. I'd like to be famous for something someday. I wouldn't want to use my one chance (I'm pretty sure I would only have one) on that.

Congratulations on your award!

Deena said...

LOL! Now, not only do I have to watch out for Osama, I have to make sure I don't upset anyone who might turn him in!

Michelle Alley said...

Your husband had some good points! Keeping your name in the press would create quite the mess at home.
On another note: Thanks for your comments! I am creating a link on my webpage under Heart Happy Blogs - for those blogs I love to read. Would you prefer your first name or your blog title? I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to you next post!

Loralee Choate said...

Your surname is my maiden name! Also my very favorite, I might add.

Hey, if you chicken out and don't use the name of the neighbors you hate, feel free to use mine. Their kid wrote on my car with a Sharpie today. I'm not feeling kind.


MC Milker said...

LOL- great post Michelle! You had me laughing and thinking!

Uisce said...

FBI, CIA, nah. I'd flash the bat sign up in the sky.

Geekwif said...

You know, I was just thinking about the FBI and CIA a couple days ago, trying to remember what exactly the difference was between the two. Now, because of you, I'll know if I ever need to.

That song writing thing? How cool! I went and made my contribution. Not nearly as poetic as yours, but it was fun anyway.