Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Fully Grown Write-Away Winner

Thank you to the 36 entrants of April's contest and an even bigger thanks goes to Jeanna from Days to Come, our guest judge, who carefully and meticulously read each of the entries in an effort to select the very best post. We're a quality operation here I tell you. I don't know how she did it because the posts this month were of the finest quality and covered nearly all aspects of growing. So if you have a chance, please visit and leave her a thank you.

. . . And the winner is:

Susie j with Seasons

Honorable Mentions:

Joyful Days with Growing Up

Too Old for This with Going Back

Chris at book-a-rama with The Tree Not Taken


Here is a complete list of entries in the order they were received:

Melanie in Orygun with Oh, My Body.

Amber from Random Ramblings of a Drifting Mind with When I Grow Up . . .

Shelly Kneupper Tucker from This Eclectic Life with Chewbaka Has Nothing on Me

Stie at These Are a Few of My Favorite Things with Pain

The Expat Chef at Eat Local Challenge with Roots

Babystepper at Babysteps with Phantom Green Thumbs

Susie j with Seasons

Tracy M at Dandelion Mama with Surfacing

Tracy M at Dandelion Mama with Who I Am

Karen Shanley with Eleven Years and Counting

Kim from Hiraeth with A Few Rudiments

Lucy at An Ordinary Mom with I Am

Daisy at Compost Happens with Mom's Playing in the Dirt Again!

Coach J at A Coach for Life with He Overwhelms Me!

Erica at Littlemummy with How Motherhood Has Helped Me Grow

Melissa R. Garrett at Little Woolgatherings with Growing a Tomato

Robin from Around the Island with My Son's Fingers

Jenny from Wickedweaving with An Obsessive People Pleaser Searches for Her Voice

Jenny from Wickedweaving with Why?

Manicmama with Help Your Children to Grow up Strong and Healthy

The Educational Tour Marm with Growing up with Poetry

Jen at Never a Dull Moment with Growing, Growing, Please Be Gone!

Em from Three Times Three with Eye to Eye

Jen from No Place Like It with Scar Tissue

Karen at Needs New Batteries with He's Probably Almost Definitely My Last Baby, for Sure, I Think

Karen at Miscellaneous Adventures of An Aussie Mum with There's Just Something about Trains

Joyful Days with Growing Up

Too Old for This with Going Back

Wishy the Writer with She's Growing Up

Chris at book-a-rama with The Tree Not Taken

Patois from Whee! All the Way Home with When They Said "Come Down," I Threw Up

Rebekah from The Mommy Marathon with Personal Growth

Jordan McCollum from MamaBlogga with Growing Pains

Gattina from Writer's Cramp with From Normal to "Geant"

Rory at Hamelife with Labeling is Disabling--Breaking away from Blahdom

The Geekwif with All Things Beautiful


Join me again May 1st for information on next month's contest topic (a hint: summer is the time for travel) and prize.

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kailani said...

Did someone say travel? I may have to check this one out!

PortraitofPeter said...

Congratulations to the winner - on such a wonderful 'emotive' heartfelt post.

A wise choice of winner.

Coach J said...

Great pick for the winner! Sniff, sniff. I will love going through each one of them! (eventually!)

An Ordinary Mom said...

Congrats, Susie!

Chris said...

Thanks for hosting the contest, Michelle!

SusieJ said...

I have been in a van with my 4 boys and husband on a 16-hour journey. So nice to find this upon my return. Thank you.

Alexandra said...

Beautiful...can't wait to read more. I'll be back.