Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Someone I'd Like You to Meet: Lara from The Lazy Organizer

Lara at the Lazy OrganizerWhen I started blogging seriously last fall I had an interesting experience. I received an email from another blogger who introduced herself as Lara and said, among other things, that she had been born in Alaska and that her parents were living there at the moment. I was intrigued. I was new to the blogging community and was vaguely aware of other people out there and it was fun to discover someone with whom I had a little bit in common. I haven't met many bloggers from Alaska, let alone Anchorage and finding someone with a connection was fun.

A day or two later I received an email from Lara's Mom. No lie. Her Mom. A very sweet email introducing herself and saying that if I had the time she'd love for me to drop by the place she was working so she could meet me.

Now I know there's a lot of opinions and warnings out there about internet safety. You know, the stuff about not giving out personal information, not revealing details that could encourage stalkers and something about not going out to meet virtual strangers who claim to be sweet grandma types but could actually be Raging Weirdos lying in wait to freak you out but without any further introduction or hesitation I went over the next day to meet this friendly woman and get a look-see. (I figured I was pretty safe, given that she was working as a missionary in a church office--plus I really liked Lara's blog . . .)

The office was close to my home and after meeting Lara's kind and friendly mother and father (they even gave me hugs! Evidently they thought I looked something like their long-lost-"Lower-48" daughter) I knew that this mysterious Lazy Organizer had to be Some Blogger and I've been reading her regularly ever since.

One of my purposes in hosting a monthly writing contest is to introduce and promote quality blogs and I admire Lara's writing--she has great topics (everything from education and family stories to recipes and her Smart Habits Saturday column--and her interests are alarmingly similar to my own.

"I love to do anything that improves my home and family life: cooking, organizing, sewing, decorating, gardening, reading, working out, Homeschooling, parenting, remodeling you name it. If I want something done then I study it and do it," she says.

But until this interview I didn't realize she was interested in photography, which is what I too have been thinking about. I've wanted to take a photography class and learn to take better pictures--I've found this cool light box to use in taking close up stills of the food I cook--and Lara too said, "Right now I’m in the process of learning how to take better photos. I have learned so much about my point and shoot that I think I’m going to have to start blogging about it so I can share what I’ve learned."

I'm hoping she follows through with this because I for one would be very interested in any pointers she'd offer. I could use all the help I could get.

Now with a name like The Lazy Organizer one might get the impression that Lara is uber-organized. She is--I remember a recent post where she debated about the merits of going to the gym three times a week rather than her usual five times and I sighed. I haven't been since the kids got out of school a month ago and let me tell you the thighs are feelin' it. Though Lara says the key to keeping this myth alive is to pretend really hard that you have it together.

"Let’s just get this straight right now. I am not organized. I’m just the girl that tries really hard to be organized so she can pretend she is a responsible grownup." Evidently this technique is working well--she should write a book on the subject. We have plenty of books on how to be organized. I'd like to see Lara write one on how to pretend to be organized, on how to try to have it all together because her technique is working marvelously--it's got me in awe of her Super Powers.

But even with her undisputed Queen of Organization title Lara's posts are down-to-earth and comfortable, like an afternoon visit over cookies, and her easygoing tips and occasional embarrassing moment are less intimidating than they are entertaining. And after three years of blogging she's still going strong. When I asked her about plans for the future she said confidently, "I will blog forever."

Here's wishing her another three years of great posts.


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la bellina mammina said...

I read Lara's blog too from time to time and find many exciting tips from her...Great that she will blog forever! :-)

Robin said...

Sounds like a great person to get to know. I'll pop over and give her a read.

PS If either of you ever want to share those photography tips for those of us who forever dream of taking an online course but don't get around to it...

Jenn in Holland said...

I have yet to be disappointed by following a scribbit link to a new blog! I am looking forward to reading Lara's blog. You always know how to pick those write away contest judges!

SnarkyFit said...

I started reading Lara after seeing her linked somewhere from your blog earlier (or mentioned). Great stuff and, yes, highly entertaining!
Thanks for the link.

An Ordinary Mom said...

I can't wait to meet her. Are you ever coming down this direction :) ?!?

my4kids said...

I popped over and said hello. Anyone who likes to give out advice is someone I'd love to read....and organization is something I need help with!
I'm good at the pretending thing to though. I had someone I was working with who didn't know about my 4 kids. When I told them they said I looked to sane to have 4. I told them apparently the disguise was working or they weren't looking hard enough..... Me sane? I don't know about that.

Lisa said...

How cool.

I've been thinking of you alot. I've learned so much from your site. Especially about blogging. You should be speaking on panels and at conferences.

crissybug said...

Lara is very insightful. I love her blog. You did a great job highlighting her!

Thea said...

Oh, yay! I love Lara! How cool that you interviewed her for your blog! She is definitely one I think EVERYONE should read. (Did I mention I love Lara??)

Schelle said...

I am already a Lara fan - thanks to your previous introduction... SMART habit Saturday is now a confirmed habit!

The photography tips are a great idea - I look forward to learning more!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I love the thought of "pretending" to be organized. Hey, if it helps me BE organized I am all for a little make believe. I should also start pretending to like salads more than I like ice cream. I think it could really work for me (the organizing part, not the ice cream part)

Michelle A. said...

Thanks to introducing us to her! Can't wait to check it out.

Melissa R. Garrett said...

I'm heading over to Lara's blog NOW! She sounds like my kind of gal :-)

Amy said...

I love Lara's blog and I am so happy you featured it. What a lovely write up. I am pretending to have it together myself :) I think that would make a great book topic!