Friday, July 20, 2007

The Adventurous Write-Away Winner

Thank you to the 24 entrants of this month's contest and a round of applause and pasta to Susan at Food Blogga, our guest judge, who read all of the entries on the theme of "My Most Adventurous Moment." Judging from the entries there are some wild bloggers out there. Don't forget to pay Susan a visit and let her know how great she is for doing this.

. . . And the winner is:

Riley DeVoe at All Rileyed Up with The Zipline Adventure

Riley's tag line pretty much says it all: "I'm just your typical at home mother slash writer with a propensity for drinking and a never fulfilled desire to become a ninja" which makes you wonder what she's doing in her spare time around the house--the possibilities are wide open. As she's just returned from an Alaskan cruise you know she's holding a special place in my heart and her post about her adventures in Tongass National Forest in Southeastern Alaska deserves your attention.

Honorable Mentions:

Jenn at Something to Say with Exodus
At a Hen's Place with My Most Adventurous Moment
Patois from Whee! All the Way Home with Patois' Most Excellent Adventure

A note here, in the past I've only given the Write-Away Winner button to the first place winner but have since decided that that wasn't entirely fair and am now offering the button to any who place in the contest. If you have placed in the past and would like the code for the button please drop me an email and I'll send it to you.


Thank you so much for your entries, I love seeing the variety of ideas for each month's theme. Here is a list of entries in the order they were received:

Edited to add: Theresa Bakker at My Fairbanks Life with I'm an Alaskan Now
and Joanna at Sunflowers in My Kitchen with The Adventure that Is Cooking

Corey Amaro at Tongue in Cheek with A Girl Thing

Carolanne at C Outside the Box with My Most Adventurous Moment

The (French) Mountain Dweller with Married on 4th July

Lainey at Blog in My Eye with My Most Adventurous Moment

Kim at The Bitter Ball with First Day in Kazakhstan [part one of two-part entry]

Kim at The Bitter Ball with The Day We Met Our Son [part two of two-part entry]

The Educational Tour Marm with My First Real Adventure

Paul with Surface Tension [no blog]

Dorit Sasson at Pieces of Me with The Two-Week Adventure

Makita at Starfish and Coffee with An Unexpected Float--My Most Adventurous Moment

Stephanie at Adventures in the 100 Acre Wood with The Infamous Alaskan Backpacking Trip

Susie at SusieJ with Adventure's Gifts

Daisy from Compost Happens with Choose Your Own Adventure--If You Dare

Allison Staton at Soccer Mom in Denial with Whooping it Up

Robin at Around the Island with Sometimes Mothers Really Do Know Best

RandomGirl at Random Thoughts with Taking the Leap

G's Cottage with Traffic Court: Wrong Side of the Bench

Jaycee at Semantically Driven with Being a Parent: Is It My Most Adventurous Moment?

From under the Clutter
with A Split-Second Decision

Patois from Whee! All the Way Home with Patois' Most Excellent Adventure

At a Hen's Place with My Most Adventurous Moment

Jenn at Something to Say with Exodus

Song of the Sagebrush with My Most Adventurous Moment

Riley DeVoe at All Rileyed Up with The Zipline Adventure

Corrie at Tyler's Triumph with Like a Streak of Lightning


And a couple of other things: Stephanie's Make It from Scratch carnival is up at The Motherload and worth browsing.

Dove Chocolate from Mount VernonAlso, everyone head over to A Happy Heart and give Michelle hugs for me. What did I find in the mail box yesterday? A big fat package from my favorite Quebecoise blogger with everything I need to keep me happy--good smelling lip balms, cute magnets, chocolate and sweet things. BUT not just any chocolate my friend. DOVE dark chocolate from Mount Vernon just like George Washington himself used to eat. It's my favorite kind, how did she know? I'll be safe from Dementors for at least a month! I'd intended to post a photo but . . . well . . . um . . . did I mention I'm going to be safe from Dementors? Now can someone save me from the calories?

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Schelle said...

Thank you for the giggle - that sentence in your comment has to go in my story-ideas notebook - if only to make me laugh when I read it again!

Now off to read about more adventurous lives than my own...

Jenn in Holland said...

Wow, and thanks to you for hosting the contest. It's fun to exercise my writing muscles and also just great to get this list of reads every month!
Thanks to Susan too for her work (reading)!

Stephanie said...

Wow looks like some great adventures! Thanks to host and judge! I am going to have to check Riley's post on the Tongass, that is where my adventure took place! :)

Thanks for the MIFS link too!

Pendullum said...

Off to read of glorious adventures...

Anne Bradshaw said...

Congrats to all the winners in your contest. I also have a writing contest of sorts on my blog if anyone's interested. It's called "Spotlight the Youth" and there are some fabulous prizes.

I enjoyed this blog and will return often.

Daisy said...

I still think dementors are PMS in disguise. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

In my spare time, I sleep. Exciting, isn't it? ;p

Michelle A. said...

So glad you got it! I would have done the same thing - especially since it's dark chocolate. Hope your weather is better than mine :-)

Theresa Bakker said...

Thanks for adding my entry.
I will definately be watching for my next chance to get involved. I'm new at this, but have already learned so much from you.
Good luck with Harry Potter. I'm going to pick up my copy tomorrow!
PS It's getting hot here in Fairbanks. I hope your weekend's nice, but not too nice as you have some reading to do.