Friday, October 26, 2007

Someone I'd Like You to Meet: Shalee from Shalee's Diner

Shalee from Shalee's DinerThere are a lot of momblogs out there--or blogs by women if you prefer--but out of all the blogs I've read Shalee's Diner is one that sticks out. In a GOOD way. The tag line: "Come for the comfort, stay for the pie" pretty well defines what you can expect to find there: comfort, a down-home feel and a woman who loves her pie.

Shalee was this month's guest judge for the Write-Away Contest. She lives in the midwest with her son, daughter and husband "Mr. Right," who happens to be the reason she celebrated her 15th wedding anniversary earlier this year. Rather than go into all the details of this woman's life--she's been blogging for two years now so there are a lot of them--I'll first refer you to her "100 Things about Me" post and her ABC Meme which give you a lot of the tidbits that make up this happily married mother of two and then I'll just say that even though she's anti-brussel sprouts (sigh) I love her anyway because she has so many other wonderful things about her that make her a pleasure to talk with.

It doesn't take you long at the diner to figure out that Shalee loves to read. She's usually got several books going at once and told me that if she has an afternoon to kill (and if her husband isn't home to distract her) she'll usually spend it curled up with a good book. Or two. Or five. If she's not reading she's taking a walk in the arboretum near her home or baking--probably apple pie.

I asked her about being a mom and how she finds fulfillment in motherhood. She didn't hesitate before saying that what makes her happy are the small things: "That my daughter still likes to hold my hand. That she wants her friends to meet me or that when I've fixed a meal there is always someone who will express gratitude for what I've made by saying thanks. I like it when my kids like to do the same things that I do like cooking together or when they search for ways to be with me and hang around me."

Shalee's got a soft voice that laughs frequently and when I asked her what the best part of her life right now she chuckled and said happily, "I love exactly where I'm at in my life. I have to work but I love the position I have and what I do. I love my marriage, not just my husband, but I really love being married. I love the fun age that my kids are at, they're playful and a joy to be around."

See what I mean about the comfort? Shalee not only seems happy and content but she has a wonderful way of making those around her feel that same relaxing atmosphere that she conveys so well on her blog. Now if I could only get her to send me one of her pies . . .


Next month's Write-Away Contest topic and guest judge will be posted November 2nd. Any topics you're burning to tackle? I'm up for suggestions.


Amber at The McIllece Spot won the prize for participating in the Winter Bazaar this month. Thanks to all who have contributed their ideas and activities, it's been great to get so many new ideas.

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Daisy said...

I love reading these. I like Shalee's Diner, and Shalee just sounds like an amazing and wonderful woman.

Lisa said...

I'm looking forward to checking out Shalee's Diner a little bit more.

As for the Write-Away, what about Inspirational/Motivational? I love reading those "Chicken Soup" kind of stories.

jubilee said...

Thank you for introducing Shalee to those of us who haven't read her blog yet. I'll be checking in with her shortly!

Mary Alice said...

Thanks for telling us about Shalee. I think the most endearing thing to me, was her statement, "That my daughter still likes to hold my hand" THAT is a joy, I agree.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

You write great blog bios.

The technique for cooking brussel sprouts in America's Test Kitchen cookbook finally convinced my family that they are good. Now I can finally serve them at Thanksgiving without getting a lot of grief.

Amber said...

Hmmm...comfort and pies go hand-in-hand. FINALLY, someone out there who gets it!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

You always find the best blogs! Thanks for doing so much reading and then sharing your finds with us. I have found some of my favorite blogs through you!