Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tiny, Insignificant Second Post

I'm leaving tonight for BlogHer (I hate to mention it because I remember how painful it was to hear about last year when I wanted to go but couldn't but there's a purpose here in mentioning this so be strong . . . ) I'll be speaking Friday morning on a panel with three blogging experts: Nelly Yusupova, Shazia Mistry and Melanie Nelson about beginning blogging issues. Specifically, I'll be fielding the Blogger group while the others tackle issues in other blogging platforms and as Melanie said in her post today I'm having a hard time preparing for this because it's dependent on what questions people are likely to ask.

So all you Blogger bloggers out there--help me out! What kinds of questions do you have about blogging?

And can I mention that I'm an absolute ball of nerves right now? I have been sick to my stomach with worry for a week which is odd because I've done plenty of public speaking and teaching and I expect I'll survive this as well but something about traveling by myself, meeting up with strangers who aren't strangers and traveling all night (I can't sleep on planes) then being expected to be witty and perky for camera and company is making me very nervous.

Thank goodness for great roomates like Loralee, Amber and Jill who will be the highlight of the trip. Loralee could make anyone feel at home. Let's hope I don't snore . . .

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Blog O' Beth said...

Since I'm a relatively new blogger, here are some things that come to mind.

Should I use my family's real names or use pseudo-names? What is the REAL security risk here?

What is more important, consistency of topic or consistency of voice? Does that make sense? If I write on the same three subjects is that better than writing on a variety of subjects?

Traffic fluctuates so much how do I know when I've "made it"? When people start insulting me? or when people start sending me free stuff?

Speaking of which, how do I get people to send me free stuff?

How do I know if I'm actually writing anything worth reading or is it just interesting to my mother?

I hope that helps and I know you'll do fantastic. Be honest, be yourself, be enthusiastic - that is all it takes.

Scribbit said...

Oh that helps tremendously! Keep them coming and thanks Beth!

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome questions from Beth. I've been contemplating joining the blogosphere, but am reluctant because I don't know if I should stick to one idea/topic or be more general. (I.E. generally about books and my life, specifically about books, or even more specific, about young adult books because I teach middle school) . . .

I wish I could hear the responses that you will be sharing to the conference.

Good luck,

allysha said...

I don't really have questions, but I wish you lots and lots of luck! I'm sure you'll do great.
(And I'll be jealous here at home and hoping to join you next year!)
Excited to hear how it goes!

Milehimama said...

My "Blogger specific" questions are:

Comments. I went to Haloscan because I didn't like the blogger comments, and the Blogger comments went away. I think people should know at the BEGINNING to select their commenting system so they don't lose any!

How do trackbacks work? I heard there was a way that links left on comments could be counted towards technorati (traffic counts) but I don't know how to do it.

How do I know how big something is? I want to change my header, but I don't know what size it is!

I changed my blog template, and now the titles of my post do not link to the post. How do I fix that? My header doesn't link to my homepage. Why not?

A Cowboy's Wife said...

I sure hope I get to meet you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Well since I am relatively new to blogs, I was wondering about copyright and stuff like that. You know, using pictures and stuff. Lots of people will google 'image' a picture of a person, or object that is relevent to their post. In that case, should you cite the source of the image etc.

Oh, and about content and things. Sometimes when I am blog surfing, I find writing that some may find offensive, or pictures that may be slightly risque. How much of this can be put in a blog/ what is acceptable/ how can it be monitored etc. ( I'm guessing a lot of parents will have questions like this)

Blog O' Beth said...

Here are a couple of more.

What about running ads - do it, don't do it, who should you do it with and how much can you expect to make?

Blogger platforms. I went with blogger because I hadn't heard of any others but is it best to invest some cash in this upfront?

I think you recently put in a post about blogging that setting goals are important and something about idea generation (I'm trying to forget that you said you have 2 weeks worth of posts lined up at all times. Um yeah, haven't reached that mark yet)- bring that blog post, it was good.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

You will do great! I was thinking about coming to your session just to hear you speak! : ) No pressure...


Chas said...

One of my questions, being relatively new at blogging, is how do I increase my blog traffic? I've signed up for Mom Blogs, but am really hesitant to go sign onto a bunch of search engines just to try and increase traffic. Is this safe, or is the best way just to sit back and see what happens?

chelle said...

hmm I do not use blogger but YOU ARE GOiNG to ROCK!

The only thing I would ask, is how can a new blogger personalize blogger?

Organizing Mommy said...

At what point in your blogging journey, can you expect to actually make some$$ from your efforts, or should you try to sell some thing? create something? or offer a service?

Are you going to post the answers to all of this when you get home?

Maddy said...

Have a great trip - so near and yet so far.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

There will be lots of first-timers at BlogHer -- including me! -- so maybe our paths will cross. Sounds like you're going to have a great workshop.

Genny said...

Just wanted to say have a great trip. Don't be nervous; you have a lot to offer. As a relative newbie (blogging since the end of March this year), I've thoroughly enjoyed your site. Have fun, and I'm sure all will go wonderfully!

Chief Family Officer said...

I wish I was going, just so I could meet you! You'll be great, Michelle, not to worry. You always have such wonderful, helpful things to say, you are a great communicator, and you are extremely likable. (Not that I've met you, but I can't imagine you're different in person than you are in your writing!) Have a wonderful time!

mommio @ said...

I'd love to know what I can do with blogger's templates to make them look decent. I've switched to a three-column design, but I feel so limited I'd like to know what else I can do to make it feel more custom.
I also like the questions on advertising, security, and topic picking!
Have a great time, I'm planning to see you (and everyone else (rolling my eyes)) there next year!

The Not Quite Crunchy Parent said...

I'm looking forward to finally meeting you Michele!

I'll be there with all of the other bloggers you've helped along the way...trying not to fawn too much!

The Not Quite Crunchy Parent said...

I'm looking forward to finally meeting you Michele!

I'll be there with all of the other bloggers you've helped along the way...trying not to fawn too much!

mommio @ said...

Ooh, also, what sorts of third party gadgets there are for blogger, things like 'most popular posts' and that sort of thing.

Christine said...

Ahhh, I feel for ya. No matter how well you know your subject, and you do for Pete's sake, it's still overwhelming thinking about public speaking. But like I told Mel, who I'm rooming with, she knows her stuff and knows it well, and she doesn't have to worry about anything if she just remembers that. 'nother comment below on what we novices need to know...

Christine said...

I haven't read the other comments; I'm in the throes of packing and I can't really think straight. As the author of a little-known blog I guess I'm most interested in generating traffic. I guess like we all are. Does it boil down to good, consistent writing? Posting stuff readers can use? Commenting the hell out of others' blogs? It's probably the most-asked question you'll get, just know I'll be listening intently to the answer of the All Knowing Panel! Best of luck to you and I look forward to saying hi!

Tracey said...

Anytime I go to a workshop I love it when I can leave with little tips I can use right how to cross out, add pictures, make a list, Adoptic, what makes an interesting blog, how to improve traffic. Stuff like that. Wish I could go. Have fun!

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

You will do great, I just know it!

My main questions would be around how to earn money blogging. You've already done a very thorough post on that so I'm sure you can field any questions on that topic!

Scribbit said...

Oh these are great questions, thanks so much and most of them I've planned for which makes me feel more prepared. The ones I hadn't thought of will be great to think out.

And thanks for all the nice comments, wish I could meet all of you there!

Sherri said...

Hi Scribbit,
You will do fine, but I know how it feels to dwell on getting up in front of people like that...being at your best! You'll be so relieved when this is over.
I guess my question would be this:
A couple of weeks ago, I posted something that I was very interested in "getting out there" because I think it will save a lot of lives. It touches on the dangers of children...or adults..playing in flooded ditches or any areas where there are drainage systems. My niece survived being sucked into a very small culvert when she was playing in her flooded front yard.

I have sat here at the computer and pondered how to spread this post, especially to the areas where there is so much flooding going on. I have googled different things and basically ran into dead ends. So, my question is how does one most efficiently get a public service announcement "out there"? This is an amazing story that I feel could save a lot of lives. Please address this question for me if at all possible....for anyone who would like to post something for the public to see.
Thanks and have fun. I can't wait to hear all about it!!

angie said...

I was going to try to throw some questions out there, but blog o'beth asked the questions I had in mind.

Jennifer said...


1 - Do you ever worry about offending your audience? How do you decide how to handle sensitive subjects?

2 - How important do you think hosting a regular participatory post (like your Write-Away contest, Kailani's Aloha Friday, or ORGJunkie's Menu Plan Monday) are to a blog's success?

I really wish I could have pulled off a trip to BlogHer this year, but it wasn't in the cards. I can't wait to hear all about it and hope you give us a recap of all the great advice you share.

Jolanthe said...

How about - what in the world am I missing with Twitter. Or am I? I don't think I've figured that whole thing out (and I do think I am a fairly intelligent person).

I think. :)


all over the map said...

Have a wonderful time and a safe journey.
I can't think of any questions but that's just because I read all your blogging tips. I'm sure if I were there I'd have a few. I know that doesn't help you.
I'm sure you will sparkle. If you are as organised as you are with your blog you will do just fine.
I'm definitely wishing I could experience such a terrific event. Being able to meet these other great woman in person is great.
I have no doubt the woman you are rooming with will make it a memorable trip in and of itself. Have fun!

Alice Wills Gold said...

How do you magically produce more time in a day or balance the blogging...surely you are touching on that one.

And, remind people why they's not always about becoming famous. I think when people TRY so hard their blogs sometimes suffer.

Childlife said...

Michelle - When I first started blogging, I remember devouring everything you had written about Technorati and how ratings and search engines work. That was very helpful to know about as a new blogger.

I also didn't understand how important links were until I came across you and your blog. I also remember picking your brain a bit about security issues -- how much personal information about names and locations is safe to disclose on a blog.

I know I don't get over here to comment as often as I should, but I follow you every day in my reader -- you're in my "favorites" folder :)

You have a great way of putting concepts into easy-to-grasp soundbites and you have an easy, elegance about you that will serve you well at BlogHer.

They are lucky to have you and I know you'll do fabulously -- don't know if that calms your nerves at all, but it should! ;)

~Michelle @ In The Life of a Child

Cagey said...

Hmmm, if you notice a total goof who appears to be stalking you? Well, that would be me. I am looking forward to meeting you.

The Apron Queen said...

Chin up! Smile! You'll be great! :)

For your daily dose of vintage goodness & a bit of silliness, stop by Confessions of an Apron Queen

Jane Hamilton said...

You'll do great at the workshop. We're rooting for you all the way here in India. Come back and tell us all about it.

All the Best Michelle!

Anonymous said...

Have an awesome time!! Wish I could be there to hear you and pepper you with questions ;)

Stephanie said...

You're going to be fantastic! I just know it!

My flight leaves in the morning. I can't wait to meet you...

Question for your session:
1. What times of the year (months, days, seasons, etc.) are the worst/best in terms of traffic?

Melanie said...

My questions are about buying a domain. Blogger makes it seem easy to switch to a personal domain but I'm wary because it looks TOO easy if you get my meaning.

Once I buy the domain, Blogger is still the host, so do they still "own" my content? Should I register the domain somewhere?

How easy is it to move content from Blogger to say Wordpress?

You'll do just fine!

Linda Sherman said...

Coming in from Alaska, very cool.

And you have collected a great preparation for speaking her from your readers!

Me, I'm giving out hugs. Hope to meet you. On Twitter I'm @lindasherman

The Motherboard said...

Good luck! I wish I were going. I would like to know about the increasing traffic, not because I want to make money, but because I want to meet more people. I also am interested in knowing various technical things-- like how to change my blog-- what is appealing to people to look at. How to embed photos in my blog post, so people can't steal them... what kinds of things are possible on blogger-- is the sky the limit or what? What all can you do with blogger?

Have fun. Party like its 1999!