Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wire Candle Holders for Your Holiday Table

Wire Candle HoldersEarlier this year I posted an idea for recycling glass tubes to make wire vases and this idea follows the same general thought.

If you're looking for a way to give your holiday table an easy yet elegant look these copper wire candle holders are a five-minute project that won't fail you.

Get three feet of copper wire at your local hardware store, it isn't expensive and will run you about $.70 per foot.

Using a large pair of pliers and a thick rag gently bend the wire into a spiral shape such as you see here by laying the rag over the wire and bending it with the pliers. The rag will help prevent the soft wire from getting nicks and cuts but if you aren't careful you can still make marks on it so be gentle.

Wire Candle HoldersYou want to bend it slowly and carefully because if you bend the wire too much back and forth it will stiffen and become crooked. It's not hard to get that spiral shape and it only takes a couple of minutes.

Once you have that spiral pull the center up until the whole contraption is stretched out enough to accommodate a long candle. The wire should hold the candle in place securely--you don't want anything with a flame dropping out onto the tablecloth in the middle of your meal--and it might take a little tiny bit of adjustment but once you pull that spiral upward it generally makes the right shape to wedge a candle in place.

Wire Candle HoldersIt occurs to me that you could make some beautiful shapes with the wire for some variety, you could also string cranberry-colored beads along the wire for some pretty sparkle, or wrap some holly leaves or festive flowers with floral tape along the wire or maybe make velvet leaves to decorate the top.

The design could inspire some gorgeous variations.

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Daisy said...

These are simple and elegant! Have a wonderful Christmas.

Holly Crosley said...

Great idea and simple too!