Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Perfecting Your Easter Egg Hunt and Other Easter Crafts

Easter Crafts from Better Homes and GardensThank you for all the good wishes on the new Scribbit Newsletter (have you signed up yet?) I'm looking forward to the first issue April 1st just in time for Easter but in the meantime if you're planning an Easter egg hunt this season and if that Easter egg hunt happens to include children (just hypothetically of course) then I've got a great tip to share.

Color code your Easter egg hunt.

Easter Crafts from Better Homes and GardensBuy plastic eggs in different colors, one color for each child and then assign each child that color for the hunt. The beauty of the system is that if you have children of different ages and they each must find a certain color egg then you can hide all the light blue eggs in tough places for your oldest child while also hiding the pink ones in easy spots for the toddlers to find (you might save one extra empty egg to give to each child at the beginning to show them exactly color they're looking for).

That way you don't have a pack of older kids coming through and strip mining before the others have a chance to get out of the gate while also having the added benefit of drawing out the hunt a bit. If every knows they have 15 eggs to find and they're all the same color then they're looking for specific eggs and not just grabbing any old thing until their basket is full. Trust me, it'll make it go so much more smoothly.

Easter Crafts at Better Homes and GardensUnless of course you like to plan your Easter egg hunt along a "running of the bulls in Pamplona" theme. Then by all means, every child for himself.


And it has come to my attention that the Better Homes and Gardens website has some cute Easter crafts. Some are things I've seen before but there were a few cute ones worth a peek:

Felt and Egg Rabbit (pictured at top)
Tips for an Eco-Friendly Easter Basket
Easy Tulip Display (pictured at left)
Terry Cloth Egg Cozies (pictured at right)
Framed Quail Eggs

And to end on a tragic note, these marbeled-chocolate-hazelnut-ganache-centered-quail eggs that I have been coveting for a year now are no longer available. Just as I was planning to get a box for this year's holiday they're all gone. Oh well, each one of those little buddies represents an hour on the Stairmaster.

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chelle said...

Totally adore the idea of colour coded egg hunts!!!!! With soon to be three that will work like a charm :)

So many cute crafts so little time!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

We started doing the color coding thing 5 years ago and it is the best thing we've ever done.

jacjewelry said...

Those Terry Cloth Egg Cozies are adorable! Love them.

Alison Kelley said...

We've been doing the color coded egg hunt since my third child came along and could speak his mind. It started with him wanting spiderman eggs and the other two followed by wanting their own "special" eggs. Funny, I guess they started it all.

jubilee said...

Good idea with the colored coded eggs. No complaints that way!

~3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

I LOVE the color coded egg hunt - how super smart!! This for some reason reminded me of an Easter when my 2 year old niece was being out hunted by the older kids so she decided to take her time. Every time she found an egg she'd either eat what was inside or crack and peel it to eat the whole egg. We adults were laughing our butts off it was so cute.

miriama said...

That is an excellent idea on the color coded eggs. I wish I had thought about it when my girls were younger. Definitely something to pass on to my daughter for HER daughter! Thank you.

Janet said...

Color coding is a great idea. We participated in two Easter egg hunts with a local church. The little kids had one section and the bigger kids had another. There were extra eggs in case someone was just totally inept, but somehow they all managed to get a decent number of eggs. Last year we hid eggs at my in-laws house, and since it was just the 2 kids, they each had more than enough.

Stephanie said...

Color coding! That's brilliant! I'm filing this idea away in my "I need to remember this in a few years when my kids are older" file. ;)