Thursday, April 09, 2009

Of Television, Tomatoes and Tiaras. In That Order.

MTV Teen CribsThis is the spot where I give you a random list of varying quantity (and quality) but I have a confession. I've been writing everything but posts and have apparently reached the end of my words.

Yes, I know there are those who'd have a hard time believing it but after getting my ebook out (yes it's official!) then getting next week's newsletter ready to go plus working on some extra pieces my fingers are starting to cramp up.

So instead of a typical list I'll give you just a little h'ors d'oeuvre to tide you over until I can get a real post written (and you KNOW I love the word h'ors d'oeuvre, it's a beauty).

And what a fun week it's been so far--besides the 40-degree temps I'm soaking up I was on the phone Tuesday with the casting director for MTV's show Teen Cribs. Remember that little remodel we just finished? Well the people at the show saw pictures of it and got in contact with us to see about putting us on the show. Well, actually I don't know that I'd be on the show at all, they were more interested in my home and my teenager daughter.

It seems that the show is about home style and that they're highlighting "teen spaces." The show has the teen act as host for the camera crew, showing off the home. I tried to explain that our house isn't that big and that we're really quite an odd family that is best not examined too closely but that didn't seem to bother them. We'll see if we end up on camera--at least it's better than the offer from Wife Swap (and incidentally, that link will get you to a much better post than this one--what can I say? Quality control yada yada yada).

But at any rate, Grace would be a better choice for the show anyway--not only is she prettier and sweeter and generally better in every way but she has unlimited wisdom. She mentioned that during a class discussion on the difference between knowledge and wisdom that "Knowledge is knowing tomatoes are fruit. Wisdom is knowing you don't put them in a fruit salad." Brilliant.

GlambassadorAs another point of interest you may remember when I worked with Suave and Glamour Magazine last fall and attended the Glamour Reel Moments Premier in Los Angeles? Well I've been selected to work once again with Glamour Magazine as one of their "Glambassadors" (boy do I hope it includes a tiara!) to be announced in the upcoming issue of Glamour.

Terrain Mary Jane from Land's EndSo what does this mean? It means I'll be able to keep you posted on cool events and promotionals Glamour has to offer, it means I'll get tickets to some Glamour events and beyond that the details were a little sketchy. But really now--can it be a bad thing? Not at all and I'm excited to see what we'll be doing.

What else? Well speaking of fashion and glamour . . . I am in love with my new pair of shoes which you see to the right. These Terrain Mary Janes from Lands End come in a passel of fab colors but I went right for the Aqua and haven't looked back and my feet look so cute!

A nice spring treat while my husband is out of town. Not that he's partying it up in Barrow or anything--it's not much of a vacation when you have to pack the Gortex. When he's gone we pretty much descend into total anarchy--staying up late, eating junk food, watching movies on a school night. Hurry home honey and save me from myself.

But speaking of green--in regards to shoes--with spring coming I'm thinking green for my garden. Here are some indoor gardening links I've bookmarked for this next month:

  • Greenware Designs has gorgeous little planters filled with succulents that I'd love to have on my kitchen counter--since I killed the myrtle. Sigh.

  • Oh Dee Doh has the most beautiful little miniature garden. What is it about moss in a pot?

  • I'm dying to read Tovah Martin's new book The New Terrarium that came out this winter. With the orchid on the cover I knew I'd want this book.

  • And Three Bay B Chicks is starting up a fun new feature with video posts for great mom conversations--you should give it a peek. Not exactly gardening but new stuff.
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Grace @ Sandier Pastures said...

Wow, Grace will be famous, just like her mom! Congratulations!

BTW, I totally dig that shoes, especially it's in blue. I dig everything blue. :-)

Jennifer said...

Now that would be cool for your teenage daughter to be on MTV Cribs. Her social status would probably soar! (Well, at least in the weeks leading up to the taping, teens are fickle.)

And I agree, those shoes are adorable.

Janelle said...

So did you say yes or no to MTV?

a Tonggu Momma said...

Congratulations! And now I'm wondering if those shoes come in wide. Off to check.

Blog O' Beth said...

DUDE!! Grace's statement about wisdom? BRILLIANT! I love it! Let her know that I shall be quoting her on Facebook today. Love the shoes, going directly to Land's End to buy some now. And as for being Glamour Magazines ambassador? Well, I read Glamour magazine from the time I was 13 until 25. I loved it! So I think that is awesome!

Kara said...

Well, not that they care, but MTV might have just gained a first-time watcher if they put you guys on that show! I was never allowed to watch that channel (once we got cable) growing up and haven't had an interest since I've been on my own but I'd tune in to see you guys! (by the way, that post about Wife Swap... hilarious; and I love that you put so eloquently everything I was thinking of... and proud that you weren't the least bit tempted by their substantial monetary offer)

miriama said...

Just when I think I can't be more impressed by you and your family, along comes another wonderful story. Imagine seeing Grace on MTV!!!!

And I LOVE your shoes!

Summer said...

Well aren't you popular? I'm off to go read about the wife swap thing now.

Maddy said...

Gosh you are in with the movers and shakers.

JENNIFER said...

we do those very same things when our dad travels too...I love how you put it..."save me from myself"...SO TRUE.

Glad to hear you are so busy...that is a good thing...right? :)

Scribbit said...

Apparently there is an MTV show Cribs and then they've just started a teen edition. It's the teen one that we're talking about--at least I'm pretty sure. I don't watch MTV (no cable) and in fact haven't watched since about 1991 so I'm at a disadvantage here.

As for the shoes--they come in wide so you're in luck Tongu :)

Oh and Jennifer, Grace was talking about the whole thing at the lunch table yesterday with her friends (the MTV thing not my new shoes) and apparently others overheard them and Grace said that later she was walking down the hall and heard someone talking to their friend saying, "See that girl?? She's going to be on Cribs!" Evidently it's a popular show?

Beth--I've never read Glamour myself though I have to say I signed up yesterday :) I figured it was only polite and actually they're running a special online where you can get Allure and Glamour, 24 issues each for $15. That's a pretty good deal.

And Janelle--I haven't said anything to them, they're running the show and will say yes to us :) Or no--they may decide they don't want us, who knows? I kind of have a hard time believing it'll happen just because while the addition part looks cool the house really isn't that impressive enough for tv. Unless they just do the kids' rooms maybe? Who knows?

cndymkr / jean said...

MTV? Wow, I want to hear more about this. And those shoes are fantastic. I've been trying to decide if I should get a pair. Do they run wide? I have fat feet.

mommy4life said...

I love the shoes too! I want more color in my wardrobe.

Just the idea of Wife Swap scares me.

Chrissy Johnson said...

He is SO doing it up in Barrow! My husband actually really enjoys himself when he travels to the remote areas...totally different pace!

I'm glad you weren't on Wife Swap, even though I'm a sucker for that one and Trading Spouses...ever since that woman kept saying that things were "Dark Sided." (and with her New Orleans accent it sounded like she was saying "Dork-Sided" -- that would be OUR house!)

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped over from Kathy and the Three Bay Chicks to say hi!

jacjewelry said...

How does Grace feel about being on MTV? Sounds like fun! What exactly will you do as a "Glambassador"? Congratulations on being selected!

The Mama said...

Explain more on this glambassador and how did you get to do it? Please. And I love the addition on the house. The wife swap, the family you recommended would have scared me, lol, but I might have done it, then again, I don't have that cool new "toy" you have. And your daughter on MTV, hmmmmm..

Nice blog, seriously. Coming over after watching my 5 chick chat videos.

Thanks Crystal

Lucy said...

Well cool is that. I'm still waiting for Mesa to pick my house for the Holiday House of the Year. Yes I know I don't put decorations up. But that's their job, isn't it??

NGS said...

I have those shoes in brown and black and wear them ALL THE TIME. Mary janes rule my world.

Wow!! MTV Cribs in Alaska! Who knew they'd go that far? That would be cool to see!

Wild Squirrel said...

Hopefully, if you are on MTV Teen Cribs, you will have food in your fridge. I have seen the show a couple of times when my DH is watching (seldom as it is), and these folks always seem to show off their empty fridges, as if that is a good thing. Well, I say empty--there is usually a bottle of ketchup and a six pack or two.

charrette said...

Totally coveting those aqua shoes!

Serena said...

Grace's tomato quote is going in my quote book!

Damselfly said...

You're such a Glambassador! Hope everything works out with MTV.

Stephanie said...

Glambassador! I just love saying that word! :)

It sounds like it's going to be a very cool "gig." I can't wait to hear more about it.

They certainly picked the right person. You ARE glamorous...and oh so pretty.

perilloparodies said...

ooh, cute shoes!!!