Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Items of Note

Can I say that this past week has put our whole state in one fabulously good mood? After our horrible, drippy, cold summer last year I was ready to file a complaint but this past week we've been drenched in sunshine and temperatures that climbed to 70 in time for May Day. I could not be happier.

But before reading today's guest post about Chicago below I had a few other things to mention:

May's Write-Away Contest
If you missed the announcement on Saturday, I finally got the topic up for this month's writing contest. The topic is spring and our guest judge is the wonderful Teresa Hirst posting as TJ Hirst at TJHirst.com. I've admired her writing from afar (as she lives in Minnesota) and thought her recent post "Will Fear or Faith Wash over Our Children" to be very appropriate and well written.

Don't miss the chance to get in on the fun and prizes (yes prizes, plural) with your entry! The deadline is the 20th!

Mother's Jewelry at Bliss LivingThe Scribbit Newsletter
The newsletter is in its third issue this month and should hit 1000 subscribers sometime this week--thank you to everyone who has taken the time to send me kind words about it and if you have things you'd like to see included in it shoot me a note and let's talk!

Bliss Living, who offered a wonderful giveaway here at Scribbit a little over a week ago, has offered another giveaway for newsletter subscribers and those who are on the mailing list are automatically entered to win a beautiful silver engraved double pendant valued at $95 in time for Mother's Day. They have popular and beautiful mother's jewelry and this is your chance to have one for yourself. The winner will be drawn on May 7th which will give you time to get your name in the hat if you haven't already.

Blogging in Pink: A Woman's Guide eBook Update
And I wanted to extend more thank yous to those who have been mentioning my ebook on their sites. I already linked to the first few who were kind enough to give it a shout out--here are the others that have come in this past week (hope I didn't miss any of you!) I sure appreciate all the sweet emails and messages I've got over last week with your thanks and compliments.

Extraordinary Mom's Network
Finding my Knitch
Dancing with the Daffodils
Omah's Helping Hands
Chilly North Academy
Michelle's Family Journal
The Scholastic Scribe
I'm an Organizing Junkie
Darling Domestic
Antique Mommy
On a Joyful Journey
The DrĂ´le Corbeau
Nellbe's Scribblings
Laurie's Reflections
The New Frugal Mom

Thanks to you all!

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Beverlydru said...

That is a beautiful necklace! Thanks for the link. I'm learning so much for you. Your comment on my blog makes me feel like I've been visited by a famous person. I've heard it said that "Encouragement is the oxygen of the soul." Thanks for that!

Just Mom said...

We're just as giddy here about spring finally starting for us. We had a couple of blizzards last month, but the snow quickly melted away.

Melissa B. said...

And thanks so much for the Linky Love! Blogging in Pink has been such a help to me. I'm still trying to figure out some things, but probably will have to wait until the school year's over to implement any big changes. Headed over to check out your Write Away Contest. Thanks for the opportunity!

jacjewelry said...

Yay for good weather! And congrats on almost 1000 subscribers. :)

Maddy said...

Interesting.....so if you won yourself [just imagine] which of your children's names would you pick?

Gray Matters said...

I'm really enjoying your newsletter. Thank you for taking the time to put it out for us.

Scribbit said...

Beverlydru--I appreciate that :) I feel sheepish though because I've been so bad about getting around to visit my blogging friends. The spring hit about a month ago and I've hardly been at the keyboard since.

Maddy--my two favorites of course :)

Anji Gallanos said...

We've had good weather too...it's amazing I feel like everyday is a complete gift..unfortunately I am not getting anything done inside..but hey I can't pass it up.


Musings of a Housewife said...

Congrats on your newsletter!!! How very impressive. :-)

life said...

How beautiful!

CindyJ said...

I've tried to subscribe to your newsletter a few times now and have not received anything yet. Maybe I'm getting blocked for some reason. Any ideas? My email is bckjoy at cfl.rr.com.

Amanda said...

Came over here from Heavenly Homemakers to read your e-book on Blogging - fabulous read, thanks so much for taking the time to put this information into an ebook.

Janet said...

I just wanted to tell you I made the pistachio cake from the newsletter. Everyone LOVED it!!! Green cake! More green cake Mommy!!!