Friday, May 22, 2009

May's Write-Away Winner

The Write-Away ContestThank you to Teresa Hirst at for serving as the judge for this month's contest. You must all be out enjoying the great spring weather since there weren't as many entries this month . . . though on the bright side, it should be a manageable list to read if you're in the mood for some spring reading!

So what do you think? Should we give the writing contest a break for the summer while you're out playing? I love reading the entries and seeing your talent but maybe two and a half years of topics means we're due for a break . . .

. . . And the winner is:

Divergent Pathways with Give, Said the Little Stream

Honorable Mentions
Babysteps with Spring it On
Stories for Us with Spring Reawakening
Girls to Grow with Spring Scenes

Here are a list of the entries in the order they were received:

1. In the Mom Zone with A Life-Changing Spring
I've been thinking back on all the "Springs" in my life. Thinking hard. Trying to see if there were any Springs that were monumental. Did I learn something? Did I go somewhere? Did something happen to me? In my 30 years of springs, there is exactly one that I keep going back to when I think of Spring with these questions in mind.

2. Stories for Us with Spring Reawakening
It’s been six years since I’ve seen spring. After living in Florida for 5 ½ years, we returned home to Michigan at the end of March – just in time for spring. (And just in time for one last whopping snowfall of five inches!!)

3. Summer's Nook with A Season for Growth
It’s spring time again. Or so I’m told. The changing of seasons, the passing of time holds little meaning for me since my wife died.

4. Babysteps with Spring it On
Today was Zaya's first track meet, and I have to confess that quite a few of my childhood bogeymen came slithering out on this cloudy, thundery spring morning.

5. The Scholastic Scribe with Leslie Geraldine Sherman April 9, 1987-April 16, 2007
Two years ago today, winds gusted up to 60 miles an hour, vanquishing the blossoms from the trees. Mr. Superintendent worried that the hundreds of classroom trailers...known euphemistically in the biz as Learning Our Humble School District were in danger of blowing away, so he closed the schools 3 hours early.

6. I Most Definitely Control the Spice with Cusp Wing
There was a time in the cool cusp of spring that I completely believed that I was a fairy queen. I was little. I didn’t know that there are adults who spell it faerie queene and purchase butterfly wings at Renaissance festivals…I luckily didn’t grow up to become one of those women, although sometimes I wonder if I grew my hair long and put nothing but Lorena McKennett and Dead Can Dance on if I would be transformed for a few minutes.

7. Thrifty Girl with Nomadic Spring
Spring 2006. Move to Atlanta from Tampa. Spring 2007. Move 45 miles across town. Spring 2008. Move another 60 miles back across town, again! May 2009. Stay put!

8. Girls to Grow with Spring Scenes
The sights and sounds of Spring…..

9. Divergent Pathways with Give, Said the Little Stream
Meet the proud owner of a babbling brook. Uh-huh. Me.We have a flowing stream running through our yard. But only about once every three years.

10. Another Day, Another Thought . . . or Two. with I Hate Spring
Okay, maybe hate is a little strong, but Spring is my least favourite season. Summer is about ice cream, vacation, and warm sun on your face. Fall is apple cider, pumpkin pie and crunchy leaves under your feet. Winter is hot chocolate, fireplaces and snow angels. Then there’s Spring.

11. I'm (not) Crazy Mommy with Despicable Drosophila and Other Tales of Spring
I stayed up too late last night. You see, I was waging an epic battle against an enemy both foul and insidious, that wins its wars by sheer number, fortified by an incredibly prolific reproductive ability: Drosophila melanogaster, the common fruit fly.

12. No Sex in the City with Women in Black and the Witch Hunt
This post is not about the women's organization that protests war in Israel or any other part of the world. It's about women wearing black and not standing out in the crowd. Iris Baron, a sexologist and marriage counsellor (link is to her Hebrew site) often mentions the issue of women wearing black at events, meetings, parties. etc.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Michelle for hosting a great writing contest. I'm sorry to hear you might be taking a break from it as I just found you. But I can understand after over 2 years of doing it. Until the next time.

amelia said...

What fun!! Thanks so much for the honorable mention and for hosting this every month. I think it would be fine to break for summer (as long as you came back for fall, lol).

Miles To Go said...

Hey, I found this blog and the contest really interesting. I'm not a parent, only a teacher. But I have great respect for mothers and the power they hold. Thanks for finding creative ways to reach out to them.

Jamie said...

I am hoping that you do not take a writing contest break, because I just found you at the first of the month, and I did not enter this month's contest. I was looking forward to to entering sometime soon, but I understand if you need to break from it. :)

charrette said...

Thank you for the wonderful recognition. And I really hope you don't take a break. I don't enter every one, but I love being inspired by your various themes, and I love the focus on the quality of writing. I always enjoy these Write-Aways. It was the first thing that drew me to your blog (from a link back on a friend who had entered). I think it has enormous value.

perilloparodies said...

I hope it is okay to say that I hope you do not take a break as I was looking forward to coming back to writing during this summer. I had to take a "sabatical" for a bit, but was hoping to be come back to it. I understand if you desire to take a break. I will miss it, but, hope that you will come back with it soon. If you decide to continue through the summer, maybe we could scour the dictionary for some topic ideas... i would do that for you. Let me know...Anyhow... hope you and your family are well... Happy Summer Vacation!!