Saturday, June 13, 2009

Camping Package Giveaway

Have you gone camping yet this summer? I've got a big trip scheduled for July and today's giveaway will get you in the mood for spending time in the great outdoors . . .

Benadryl is getting together with the National Park Foundation to get people out enjoying the natural world which they're promoting through their site: Benadryl Moments.

The site allows you to help Benadryl donate to the National Parks by entering promotional codes that you find on bottles of their products and to give it all a big push they're offering this camping package put together by the Discovery Channel's Josh Bernstein.

This little summer time bonus includes all you see here: a handy dandy cooler along with a water bottle and a portable lantern/flashlight. If you'd like to take a shot at winning this great gift set see the directions below. Thanks Benadryl!

Here's how to win:

Before 12 am Monday morning click here to reach the giveaway entry form then enter your name and email. I will pick one of the names at random, contact the winner via their email and publish the winner's first name and home town in next Tuesday's post. See the bottom of the entry form for more details.

This giveaway is open to readers with a U.S. address, good luck!


~3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

I just bought some new Benadryl - talk about timing.

Chele said...

I entered! Thanks for this!!!

Just Mom said...

Nice giveaway; great timing.

Suzi Dow said...

Did you hear the Park Service is "giving" us three "free" weekends this summer? No entrance fees June 20-21, July 18-19 and August 15-16 at national parks. Other fees still applies.

Missy said...

Awesome giveaway!! We love camping.

Thank you,

Sonja said...

I'm entering! Thank you!