Friday, June 19, 2009

Greetings from L.A.

I'm sorry I've been so incommunicado lately--I haven't answered any of my emails or comments this week but maybe you'll understand when you see my pictures.

"What do you want to do in Los Angeles?" Andrew asked me last week.

"Is there a ball game?"

"I think so, I'll check," he said. And here are the results.

I've always liked the Dodgers--they're right next to the Braves in my book--and Wednesday night they had a game against Oakland. As it happens David's Little League team is named the A's as well and he wanted to know who I was going to root for.

"I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to go with the Dodgers on this one," I told him and I think I dropped a little in his esteem.
Here the mighty blues were taking the field--I haven't been to a major league game since I was 11 and got to see the Mariners play at the King Dome. My one and only major league baseball experience.

We'd debated about which tickets to get but we ended up in the left field pavilion and were quite pleased. Great view huh? Actually it was really fun, we learned that we were down with the rowdies. Security was always around trying to get people to stop it with the beach balls which only encouraged them in their efforts.

We sat next to the world's greatest expert on baseball who was there to explain the pesky details like the infield fly rule and why baseball is better at Dodger stadium where they can play by National League rules. We saw Mitch Jones' first major league at bat and we saw a fantastic Dodger double play and we saw . . . the Dodgers lose. Five to four.

But great fun nonetheless.

And as a closing note David will be thrilled--we were right behind Matt Holliday in the left field. David's got a picture of Holliday framed on his bedroom wall so he'll be impressed. The guys next to me (did I mention it was 90% men?) kept yelling at him and heckling him with "HEY MAAAAAAAATT! YOU SUUUUUUCKK!" Though the guy next to me confided sadly that unfortunately for the Dodgers it was most definitely not true.

A great night. I love baseball.

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Randy, Ally, and Wes said...

You definitely need to visit the Mariners again now that they are in Safeco . . . it is so fun! And my husband would add, have some garlic fries. They are his favorite :o). They are terrible again this season, but hey--it is fun having Griffey back again.

One Mom said...

My very first ballgame was at Dodger Stadium waaaay back in 19**. I had only seen games on our had black & white tv and I can remember my astonishment when I first glimpsed the green grass and burnt orange dirt of the diamond!

Living in NY for many years now I have switched my allegiance to the Yankees (forgive me but I think it was in my wedding vows) and still love going to ballgames!

So, did you have a Dodger Dog?

The Source said...

Now that looks like fun! I'v only been to one major league game...the Braves...and we had a blast! It doesn't really matter where you sit. Watching the PEOPLE at the game is the most fun!

a Tonggu Momma said...

If you ever come to the DC area, you need to head to Camden Yards for the food... er... to see the Orioles play. But seriously, Camden Yards is touted as being one of the best food parks in the nation. I mean baseball parks. Really.

TJ said...

i've been to that stadium many times. back when steve garvey was playing for the dodgers. and when i was very pregnant, and it was mormon night at the field. yuck. don't go pregnant. those seats.... anyway....

are you maneuvering the freeways alright? had in-n-out yet? gone to tito's tacos? gone to the beach? been downtown LA? must live vicariously through you until i can go in august.

Shelly W said...

Looks like fun . . . except for the viEEEEWWW.

Daisy said...

If you get to the Midwest, check out Miller Park in Milwaukee. Great place to watch baseball, and the Brewers are having a great season, too! The retractable roof makes weather irrelevant, too. Oh, yes - if you have an extra ticket, I'll be happy to join you! :)

Amer said...
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Amer said...

Look like an interesting Trip in LA . i've neber been there before,but once i've been SanFran .
Have a nice trip

Heather said...

You know? The photo of the overweight men in front of you? That's my worst nightmare of people looking at me.

I love you "Michelle" but that was a low blow for us fat people.

But I do hope that you are enjoying your trip.

Tammy said...

You were in LA? LA?

That's where my missionary is. Maybe you saw him:

Spitting image of his Mom.
Needs a new pair of shoes.
Missed more than words can say.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

How fun! Nothing like partaking in a live game vs TV. We had hoped to see the Padres game while out there, but oh well, maybe next time. They were my first and only live baseball game I've been to back in 82. I take that back, we caught a SF game before too. Glad you're having a good time.

Melissa said...

How fun! I typically don't like to watch it on tv, but I do LOVE a live game. Reminds me to check our schedule and see about tickets to a game for my older son and me!

Cheri said...

That is so funny hearing you mention the King Dome! I grew up in the Seattle area and still live in Seattle. When I was a kid, my dad took the whole family to the very first Mariner's game in the King Dome! We were on the 300 level but I still remember it. I kept the ticket stub for several years but cannot find it now :(
I even remember when they were building the Dome! Wow, I'm getting old..

Steve said...

You make me want to get out to the field and watch a game as soon as possible.

swellflamingo said...

Oh how fun! I love baseball and miss watching all the Spring Training growing up in Florida. Baseball, hot dog, an open air stadium... perfect.

Lynn said...

This sounds like great fun! Love those baseball games. We were in heaven last week as our eldest graduated from college in Seattle, and their graduation was held, of all places, at Safeco Field, where the Mariners now play! After cheering on my son from t-ball through sr. year of high school baseball, it just seemed fitting, somehow, that the end of his school journey was at a baseball field.