Friday, July 24, 2009

On the Road Again

In case you were wondering (and I know you are all dying to hear) we finally have our cars back. It was rather dodgy there for a bit and played havoc with our 4th of July weekend but we now have two working vehicles. Knock on wood.

I ought to give a plug to Classic Auto Rebuilding because they did a great job--I'd highly recommend them if you happen to be in need of someone to undent your own car.

But the point is, the word for the day is TRAVEL. And if Mini Coopers aren't cute enough can you see the cute little trailer it's pulling? I love, love love it--even I could be induced to go camping with such a hip and cute pop-out living compartment.

It's called the Mobile Mini House and it just goes to show you what fun you can have when you've got a great designer on your side.

So anyone going anywhere interesting before summer is over? This is about the time I start to dream about hanging out at the Outer Banks for a leisurely two weeks while the sun gently warms and the sound of waves lulls me to sleep at night . . .

Andrew and I finally got our passport applications submitted in preparation for our trip to India this January. I'm really starting to get excited about the whole thing, I was on the phone with Mom and Dad talking about the places we could visit while we're there. Goa . . . the Taj Mahal . . . . even going on safari. Just like Meryl Streep and Robert Redford here. Sweet.

So speaking of travel I've got a couple of good links if you are planning on going on a vacation.

Here's a great set of tips for how NOT to look like a tourist. Not that there's anything wrong with that of course. Of course, all kidding aside, it's not a bad thing to read up on just for basic safety or for basic etiquette when you're abroad. Go ahead, read it so you can do us proud while you're out and about.

Here's a list of frugal vacation tips from my good friend Heather Lessiter. Especially good for domestic travel and for traveling with children.

And another set of tips for traveling the world of $35 a day. My sister has an in-law who is a master at this and can plan a two-week vacation across Europe using only a selection of coupons, three sticks of chewing gum and a some blue jeans for trading. Kind of a Man v. Wild of the travel scene if you will.

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Heather said...

Thank you so much for the link! I'm honored!

How cute is that trailer?!?! Looks almost like a cool toy I would have coveted for my Barbies. :o)

Carina said...

Mmmm. Travel. Does it count if the lake is more that two hours from your home? That's traveling, right?

I was very disappointed to see that the little trailer is still in its design phase. =)

Maddy said...

That toy would have come in useful a couple of years back. Glad you've got your wheels organized. My daughter is the one to travel on the cheap whilst I prefer to travel in the lap of luxury......hence I don't travel but remain rooted to the spot.

cndymkr / jean said...

I want one! I think my Prius could tow it.

Single Maria said...

Thanks for the post. This little trailer is nice) I like small things. I prefer them in everything! I dont know why, maybe this is because I am also too small :-)

Kristen M. said...

The Mobile Mini House is the cutest thing ever. I cant wait to hear more about your adventures in India. That's one place I'd like to visit some day.

Robin said...

I am LOVING that little popup - so cute!

We're getting ready to hit the road, err, air, ourselves. We leave Israel for a month at my folks' in New Hampshire on Tuesday night! Being excited about it is diverting me from all the packing I have to do, followed up by the 19 or so hour trip (12 hour plane ride to Philadelphia, shuttle from Philadelphia to Boston, and then the cherry on top, a 2-hour car ride from Boston to my parent's place).