Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Goodbye to Summer Vacation

I've been posting quite a few activities for children each Wednesday during the summer but I'm nearly done because today is the first day of school!

I have one more week of ideas then I'm turning thoughts to other things as my kids go back to hitting the books instead of each other.

But if you are lucky enough to have your little critters around for another week or two before that glorious institution known as public school takes over here's an idea that was fun for us--particularly the boys who are competitive at every level.

Packing Peanut Naval BattlesIf you can't see my little pictures here I'll be more specific. You use the packing peanuts and toothpicks to build your own war ships then launch them in the plastic swimming pool to see which can stay afloat longer. You build the best ship you can then add weight to it and try to sink your brother's ship. The best wars get started that way you know.

Anyway, lots of fun to be had in an inflatable swimming pool. I had a small one I used to blow up when Grace was a toddler that I'd fill with pillows on the living room floor in winter and she'd have a great time pretend swimming with her dolls. I guess when you live in Alaska you get those swimming thrills when and where you can, right?

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M said...

Love this. Although, I have to say its been quite a long time since I have received anything with packing peanuts in it. I have 2 more weeks of summer vacation to get through over here so keep a couple ideas coming!

Jolanthe said...

oooo - that would be too fun! Unfortunately I think I threw out all the packing peanuts to get them away from the kids.

Anonymous said...

Love your craft posts. Will you be offering holiday projects. I love how simple but nice looking they are.

Heart2Heart said...


This is a great idea. I guess it beats trying to figure out how to safe launch an egg off the roof in some kind of packaging material as to not have it break.

My daughters leadership camp did that. They had to use, plastic baggies, straws and scotch tape. Needless to say when I saw pictures of theirs, I knew the poor egg would be scrambled.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Mimi said...

wow -- you guys start school EARLY!

Andrea said...

Great idea!

Christie O. said...

oh what a great idea! my kid (3) would LOVE this even at his age. i haven't been by in a while i've missed it here!