Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Printable Disney Haunted Mansion Game

I'm giving you this in plenty of time for Halloween, because you might need it. Remember the Haunted House ride at the Disneyland park? One of my favorites.

Well, this is a printable game that you can make up yourself--or better yet, put your ten year old Webelos scout on the project. That'll keep him busy for the weekend.

Instead of reposting the pdf links here you can find them at this site here. I would suggest downloading the files onto your computer and just saving them, even if you're not interested in putting it all together right this minute. Or this year. Because it may come in handy when your kids are a bit bigger, you never can tell when you'll need a good weekend project like this.


And here are a few other cute ideas for the upcoming holidays if you'd like more tricks and treats.

Here are a couple fun little pins for the season you can knit up from Lion Brand.

Lion Brand also has these stripy Halloween bags to knit.

Whip Up has a fun Halloween advent calendar.

Waxing leaves is a great way to save the fall colors.

I've wanted to try this styrofoam Halloween shack for several years now. Maybe this is the year.

Going as Voldemort? Then make your own snake for the event.

Sponsored by Pak Naks--decorate your stuff!


Anonymous said...

I love your craft ideas! I'm still working on the Story Dice Game.

Anonymous said...

It's SNOWING in ALASKA! Correct?
Today Oct 14th is my guess!!!

imbeingheldhostage said...

How cool, thank you!