Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Scotland Yard: The Game

Scotland Yard GameBeing the crazy game monsters that we are we got very excited to try out a new one recently. Scotland Yard looked like it had a good set up (and good games are like good movies, you need a good set up) and it looked a little different from some of our other favorites so it started with promise.

You play with up to six players and one player is designated as "Mr. X." (you want to be Mr. X, trust me, it's lots of fun) and the rest of the players are detectives. The game is a board version of hide-and-seek where the detectives have 22 moves in which to catch Mr. X by trying to land on the space he's secretly occupying.

Mr. X's position on the board is kept a mystery at all times except for special "reveal" rounds where he must show his location before disappearing once again. The players move around a map of London (which is kind of fun) via taxi, bus and underground to get to about 200 different stops around the city. Mr. X can be hiding on any one of those stops and it's the detectives' jobs to get him before he moves to his next destination.

It's great fun, we've loved it so far, though I say that with a lot of "buts" in there.

We loved it, BUT . . .

It's not an easy game for small children. Even older children have to be very careful to not make illegal moves or it throws off the game and makes it impossible to catch Mr. X. So if you're playing with smaller children don't let them be Mr. X unless they have an adult "escort."

It's a game that really requires a lot of players. The minimum number is three but with only two detectives trying to catch Mr. X you pretty much have a zero-percent chance of nabbing the guy. There are just too many hiding places for only two detectives to cover. However, if you only have three players you can double up so that each detective actually is playing as two detectives, with two pieces instead of one. That way you at least have four detectives rather than two. Much better odds.

It's a game that is rather delicate in fact. Six players and your Mr. X is nearly guaranteed to get caught. Four players and he's going to have an easy ride so five is nearly perfect. If you have to you can, once again, have players managing extra pieces to try to achieve this optimal balance.

It's a game of skill and logic. There is NO luck. No dice, no spinner, no drawing cards--only Mr. X and his opponents. Now this doesn't mean it's bad or good, it's just a fact that makes the game what it is. Again, harder for small children.

We've played it with friends and had a great time, though to make it really fun you need to have a shot at playing both a detective and Mr. X. I could give you a couple tips for what we've discovered along the way but then half of the fun is figuring those out for yourself.


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Valerie said...

Wow, I had forgotten about that game. We had it as kids, but never did play it much. Getting all three kids interested in playing the same game at the same time was tough and that game was a bit confusing anyway with a lot of those little tickets to keep up with. Now, we all love games, especially ones that require strategy rather than luck.

I may have to send the new Scotland Yard to my older sister for her birthday. If just for the memories.

Oh No She Didn't! said...

Thanks for the game recommend! I haven't heard of this one and there are times when we have 5 players, which usually makes and odd man out! xo

Carinne said...

I got this game for Christmas years and years ago and always loved it. We have Kendall's from he was a kid and we've enjoyed playing it. We always use all the detectives no matter how many people are playing. I think that's at least what the old rules say. We've even played with just 2 people.

Terresa said...

Sounds like a groovy game.

We passed by Scotland Yard (the building) in London a few months ago. A rather boring building but the history behind it is cool.

cndymkr / jean said...

I grew up loving board games. However, having only one kid makes most games difficult if not impossible. Instead we play alot of card games. He plays a mean War.

Fawn said...

I also got this one for Christmas as a kid, and my sister and I played it with just two of us quite a few times, one of us as Mr. X, the other one controlling all the detectives. We always played with all the pieces and although being Mr. X was fun, he almost always got caught. I guess we should have eliminated a detective to make it more challenging for the Scotland Yard force!

It really is a great game for learning logic. Every time Mr. X had to surface, we'd have a notepad at the ready to determine all the possible spots he could be on his next move.

I still have my childhood copy of the game. I guess I'll have to wait a few more years before pulling it out for my kids, though!

Carina said...

Sounds great, but that could just be because I'm a total sucker for old British mysteries.

I'll have to add it to my wishlist. =)

lauren said...

I love games, too! Just learned a new one today... Zooloretto. It's clever and has enough strategy to keep you coming back for more. Another good one is pandemic... It's cooperative so everyone wins or loses together.