Sunday, April 04, 2010

Sweet Italian Chicken

Sweet Italian ChickenSo we're back! Back home and recuperating from a vicious case of jet lag.

Andrew and I were pretty excited, we didn't expect to have any more skiing and thought the snow would have melted by the time we got back but there was still enough to give it one more try. So yesterday we hit the trails for a morning of skiing and wouldn't you know it? It was so icy and slippery that I fell pretty hard and messed up my knee so now I'm on a pile of pillows with ice packs, hoping that it looks better by tomorrow so I don't have to go in and see what I've torn. I feel so old and so stupid.

Is it a bad sign when you feel your knee joint slipping around when you move? Just hypothetically speaking of course.

But thank you to all who left such nice comments about our trip. I was horrible about responding to emails and comments since we were on the go so much and internet service was sketchy but I hope you all know how wonderful it was to read your comments from so far away.

All that Indian food put me in the mood for a big juicy piece of meat and first thing back I grabbed myself a greasy burger (not normal for me but I was desperate). So today's recipe follows in that carnivorous vein with this SUPER easy recipe I found this recipe over at Big Red Kitchen (yet another food blog I live for). The recipe is so simple, so quick and easy that it's hardly a recipe at all. You've heard of five-ingredient dinners, right? Well would you believe this has only three ingredients?

Three. And if you don't count the chicken it's down to two ingredients. A cup of brown sugar mixed with a package of Italian dressing mix rubbed on chicken and that's it.


"Yes, really."

My picture didn't turn out near as pretty as Robin's, you can blame our darkness and the fact that I didn't get the coating as thick and luscious on my first try but otherwise I was well pleased with it all. She served her chicken over noodles but I'd prefer polenta or a pilaf myself. With some steamed veggies on the side probably. Not that you'd be counting calories after consuming all that sugar but still--veggies are always good.

Bake it for the normal chicken-baking time. About 45 minutes at 350 (typical). Check out the original recipe for a much better picture and other great recipes.


BONNIE K said...

Looks like a perfect recipe to make when I return home from work exhausted. I will give it a try.

Jordan (MamaBlogga) said...

You should call Dr. Manohm!

SusieLee said...

Have enjoyed your tales of India very much! Interesting people and sights. And the chicken looks WOW. It's on my list. Good luck with the knee!

The Source said...

Michelle...yes...knee joint slipping around on you = bad. Did your leg twist when you fell? Or hyper-extend? You should probably have it checked out with a good orthopedist. If you've torn a ligament you'll find that leg will be pretty unstable. I hope everything turns out ok!! Take care.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about your knee. I feel your pain. Tonight I fell, flat out face first over NOTHING, talk about feeling stupid : )

cndymkr / jean said...

Seriously? That's it? It sounds like such an odd pairing but I'll have to try it.

Robin Sue said...

Ooh thank you for sharing the chicken recipe and linking over to me. When I found this recipe I could not believe how easy and good it turned out. Your India travel posts are wonderful and I am learning so much from them. I am taking my time reading them because I hate it when good things have to come to an end.

Nanette said...

Thanks for the recipe idea
how is your knee?

Nanette said...

Thanks for the recipe idea
how is your knee?

Nanette said...

Thanks for the recipe idea
how is your knee?