Saturday, June 26, 2010

Despicable Me Preview

You know I love a good movie and while this summer promises to have some goodies I'm especially up to see Despicable Me with the voice skills of Mr. Steven Carell who plays the ultimate super-villain who is trying to outwit his opponent by stealing the moon.

Who's with me?

I hope you all are because I have I got a treat for you. Universal Pictures is offering tickets to a special sneak peak on Tuesday July 6th for you loyal fans out there.

Question #1: Where is this sneak peak of which you speak?

Answer: Here in Anchorage at the Century 16 Theaters on Tuesday July 6th.

Question #2: So do I have to fly to Anchorage to get in on the action?

Answer: Sadly, yes. You must be here in town to see the flick. But just think--if you flew all that way for the preview not only would you get tickets to a fun movie but you'd have a vacation to Alaska to go with it. How's that for perfect?

Question #3: So how many tickets are you giving away exactly?

Answer: I'm giving out 5--count them 5--fabulous movie packages. Each fabulous movie package will have four tickets to the movie plus assorted movie gear (hats, posters, pens, shirts, books, that kind of stuff for which I'm assured you will most definitely swoon).

Question #4: Is it in 3D? The movie that is--not the stuff. The movie gear is quite obviously three dimensional.

Answer: Yes! It's available in 3D and I expect that the sneak preview will also be the 3D version.

Question #5: So when does the rest of the planet get to see this film if you are going to a sneak preview?

Answer: July 9th. Though I doubt the rest of the planet could fit in the available theater space at once. They'll have to spread things out a bit.

So if you're going to be in Anchorage on July 6th and would like to see the movie at the special screening with me and if you follow the directions below this cute little trailer then you too may be one of the four lucky winners of one these fabulous movie packages. Good luck! I'll announce winners on Tuesday next.

Here's how to win:

Before 12 am Monday morning go to the giveaway entry form on this page and enter your name and email. I will pick one of the names at random, contact the winner via their email and publish the winner's first name and home town in next Tuesday's post. See the bottom of the entry form for more details.

This giveaway is open to all Anchorage residents. Good luck!


Serena said...

You lost me at "3D". I can't stand 3D. That, and the fact that I'm in California mean I won't be entering. ;)

Serena said...
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Lucy said...

That's almost worth the trip to Anchorage. I have NEVER been to Alaska. :((

Jolanthe said...

Somehow I'm thinking it wouldn't be cost beneficial for me try to win.

Sigh. :)

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Fun fun! I won two tickets to a sneak peek here in Nashville but I'm trying to snag one. I can't take just one of my girls! ;)

Patience said...

Just one more reason to say, "I'm proud to be an Alaskan!!"

sheshel said...

Despicable Me is a great 3D movie...
I Like minions in this story....