Friday, August 27, 2010

Movies, Anyone?

FlippedI was on the phone with my mom this week (actually I was out in the garden picking raspberries while talking--I live by multi-tasking) and we were asking each other what we'd been doing. I couldn't think of anything exciting to say, the day had been quiet, then about the time we were hanging up I mentioned that I'd been on the phone earlier that day with Rob Reiner.

"Rob Reiner?"

"Yea--you know, the director?"

"Rob Reiner?"

"Well, actually he's a director, writer, producer," I said. "He does it all."

"I know who Rob Reiner is. You're telling me you were on the phone with him today?"

"Well it was a conference call. Penelope Ann Miller was there too--you know, from that movie The Freshman?"

"Yes I know who she is. Did you not think that was important?"

"Well I'd forgot about it and it wasn't really that big of a deal."


She wasn't convinced and I had to hear quite a bit of teasing about my "boring" day. But the point is, he was so down to earth and nice that you wouldn't have thought it was a big deal either. Like chatting with Uncle Rob or something.

He's really quite amazing, you know. He wrote for Saturday Night Live and has written many of the movies he's directed and produced. He's had a fine go of it as an actor and made some of my favorite movies (Princess Bride, A Few Good Men, Stand by Me). But this time he wanted to particularly talk about his new movie with Ms. Miller called Flipped (from the book of the same title).

As he describes it, it's a coming of age story that is "a companion story" to Stand by Me following the first-love experience of Bryce and Julie in their junior high years. The movie flips (hence the title) points of view from the boy to the girl as it tells the story from each perspective. It's about relationships and emotions and growing up and family values (of all kinds) and promises to be as good as Mr. Reiner's previous films. My daughter has read the book and gave it highly respectable thumbs up.

But the reason I'm going on and on about the film is this--both Miller and Reiner talked about how well the film has screened with all age groups. Teens, kids, grandparents, parents--they all love it--and it's truly a movie you can take the whole family to. Now, if you're like me you've moaned and moaned about why Hollywood keeps making stupid movies or movies that aren't appropriate for kids or movies that are one big string of explosions. So here's my chance to stop complaining and put my money where my mouth is.

Yes, it's hard to find a good movie that everyone can enjoy so when I hear about one I feel it's a bit of an obligation to support it. So go see it and nudge your kids to see it and see if we can't vote with our dollars. I have to say I trust Mr. Reiner's movie making skills.

InvictusAnd speaking of good movies everyone can enjoy I'd also recommend Invictus. It's a sports movie and that's probably all you'd need to know (all sports movies are the same) but it's a sports movie with Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman about the South African rugby team that won the world's cup in 1995.

With a cast like that and a background such as it is you're guaranteed emotions and apartheid and racial tensions and idealism with accents thick enough to spread on toast. I liked the rugby and I liked the movie and if you like sports movies you'll like it too--and you can let the kids watch it.


Mark said...

I like your post about the phone. Have you ever tried for your blog? If not, you must try for your blog.

Patricia L said...

What is that comment about? ^ Anyway, my daughter read flipped and she really liked it. Hoping to take her to see the movie.

Randa Clay said...

Okay... I like your post but it kept me in suspense. Maybe you can't tell and I KNOW I'm just being nosy, but how did you end up on a conference call with Rob Reiner and Penelope Ann Miller??! Are they doing a movie about your life? ;)

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i like this post but it is little bit confusing

Daisy said...

I really enjoy Rob Reiner's movies. He's so talented!

Scribbit said...

He's so funny--and he seems to consistently do quality stuff. He seriously seemed so normal and not celebrity-ish. Penelope was the same actually. He was in Whitefish, Montana and she was in L.A. She was kind of ripping into movies like Twilight that aren't realistic and are full of melodrama and fake emotions.

Scribbit said...

Oh and Randa--I was contacted by a PR firm to ask if I wanted to talk with them together on a conference call. I sat on it for the weekend (not sure if I wanted to, I tend to get a bit nervous with that kind of thing) but finally said yes and I'm glad I did. If nothing else it was good to hear about a film worth supporting. And to make my mom flip :)

Oh, and then we all talked about them making a movie of my life :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Invictus but my daughter thought it was more a political movie than a sports movie. She fell asleep!

Anonymous said...

I hate sports movies and I liked Invictus. I view it as enough sports for the kids but still a good story and a good bit of history for the kids too.

Anonymous said...

So perhaps you could tell us WHY and how you connected with him?

Anonymous said...

I, too, was confused about your Rob Reiner connection - until you cleared it up in the comments section. What a fun opportunity to weigh in on a Hollywood film!

bigguysmama said...

Randa asked my question. Were you contacted because you occasionally talk about movies? I mean, Rob REINER!! How many bloggers get to say they've done something as amazing as that. Do you have a connection somehow or is it because so many people love your site now it's getting known by Hollywood types? Is there a movie in the works called "Scribbit?" If so, can I be "The girl blogging in the cafe"? LOL

Locksmith in White Plain NY said...

i also like flipped. your post really kept in suspense you are right Randa Clay.

Lucy said...

And I was on the phone yesterday with my plumber!!

Not Fair. :)

nirwan said...

I Like it.

Stephanie said...

Invictus IS a great movie. I agree. But I would say that it's much more than your typical sports movie. In essence, it's really a character study on leadership. Both Tim & I enjoyed it immensely.