Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pull Top Gift Cans

Isn't this cute? It was a birthday present from a budding baker named McKenzie and I thought it was adorable.

Pull Top Gift Cans
She took a can with a pull top lid (in this case a can of soup) and using one of those strange can openers that opens cans around the side and not around the top she opened the can around the bottom edge. Then, after cleaning out the can she filled it with candy and then superglued the cut edges back together and covered them with a pretty paper.

Pull Top Gift Cans
The top had a decorative circle of paper and a bunch of ribbons and it was all so pretty I almost hated to open it. Of course I did anyway and ate up every one of those dark chocolates. It would be cute to use with the little fruit cups and you could do all sorts of fun things with the idea.

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branda50 said...

Very cute, I can see why you wouldn't want to open it..But glad you did..
I happen to have one of those strange can openers..

Jennifer said...

This is a perfect teacher gift! I think if you made a retro candy label to put on it, that would be cute too.

Janelle said...

What a cute idea! I have one of those can openers, and I love it. Mine doesn't cut the metal -- it splits the seam, so I never have raw, injury-causing edges to worry about.

Heart2Heart said...


This is a super cute idea and one I may have to save for Christmas. Oh the things I could use this for.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

page2 said...

That is so cute! I love it! I think I could handle a project like that.

Daisy said...

So cute!

Stephanie said...

What a creative idea! Plus, it's easy and eco-friendly.

Thank you for sharing.


momneverstops said...

Another great idea! Thanks - that will be a great welcome gift for our women's getaway! Hope the kids don't mind eating 150 cans of soup before December :)