Friday, September 03, 2010

Harvest Time

My garden is finally giving back. Though from the looks of this mutant you have to ask yourself, "Giving back what?" Apparently that's what I get for using radioactive waste as mulch.


Gardening in AlaskaBut I'm mighty proud of my two--count them TWO--cucumbers. It's pretty well impossible to grow cucumbers here because it's just too cold but then that's what my backyard electric utility box is for. It maybe ugly, it may be annoying and in the way but with all the heat that the steel cover generates I can at least grow my cukes.

Do you think using an electric utility box to grow cucumbers is any safer than mulching with radioactive waste?

Gardening in Alaska
And my raspberries are the best they've ever been. I stopped canning after 30 jars of jam and still they keep on coming--the prettiest, biggest berries we've ever had in nine years.

Gardening in Alaska
So while I'm washing and storing berries here are a few other links for the weekend:

Dr. Pepper Barbecue Sauce. You know you want to see what it tastes like. Anything with "Dr. Pepper" in the title has to be good.

Potting Station from Wooden Palettes. I keep saying I'm going to build this--I have just the place for it in the backyard.

Upside Down Self-Watering Planter. How do you make a milk jug look good? This may be the way.

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jacjewelry said...

Look at those! I am especially jealous of that big plate of raspberries! They are my favorite fruit in the world, and I could eat that entire plate of them if you put it in front of me! Glad they grew nice and big and abundant for you!

Raejean said...

My kids loved the picture of the strawberry. I'd love to grow something someday. For now, I'll share your post by linking to my blog.

[Stacia] said...

Yummy raspberries! In case you happen to be hiding under a rock (or living in Alaska) like I was, I'll mention my newest favorite discovery... raspberry jalepeno jelly. SO good!
P.S. Wear gloves. please.

mim said...

Wow! Those raspberries look delicious! I am very proud that I just harvested my first EVER cucumber. I have tried to grow them for 4 years now and I never quite get to having one that is edible before the frost comes. I don't even have the Alaska weather excuse! :)

That strawberry is really funny! Teenage Mutant Ninja fertilizer or what?

I am very proud to have grown my very first green bell pepper this year also... AND I have more almost ready that I have grown from seeds. Very fun...

Ni Yachen said...

Lucky! My raspberries are stinking this year. Fortunately my greenhouse is doing well. I have two perfect bell peppers that are over 2-inches long now. I just hope that my 40+ green tomatoes will redden soon. And you should see our hanging 2-liter bottle tomato planters.

Mrs. Ohtobe said...

Yummy! I have a recipe for Dr. Pepper baked beans and they are terrific so I am going to have to try your BBQ as well!

Daisy said...

That strawberry is creepy. Seriously creepy.

Do you freeze raspberries, too? I love pulling raspberries out of the freezer in January. Blueberries, too.

Jenna said...

Awww, it's a mama strawberry and her babies all tucked in her arms!

The amount of raspberries you're getting is staggering! You lucky thing, you! Send me some jam!

I jest. Sort of.

Karla said...

That strawberry is so funny! You MAY want to think the radioactive waste fertilizer. : )

I beat you in cucumbers but I'd MUCH rather have those raspberries! We planted blueberries, raspberries, plus apple and cherry trees this year. Yeah! My rasberry bushes should be producing a few berries next year and my blueberry bushes should as well.

Heart2Heart said...


Our strawberries look very much like yours do. Who knows quite why they grow like that? We are trying container gardening to grow our veggies in now and are hoping for better results.

Love your raspberries and cucumbers! But how are you growing them by your utility box?

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Tori West said...

Love the "giving back what?" comment!

Stephanie said...

Those raspberries look delicious - one of my favorite summer fruits!

The Library Lady said...

I am lusting after those raspberries, it's one thing I haven't managed to grow.

As long as I make sure to get out and water them regularly (community garden plot)I can do cucumbers The temp problem's the opposite here in Virginia--it got TOO hot and just wrecked my vines. They were good while they lasted.