Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Summer Kid Crafts: A Tiny Doll Necklace

I know I'm slow today--and typing isn't going so well as I burned my finger on the glue gun when we made these. Where's workman's comp when you need it?

Anyway . . . here's the latest kid craft made from a little Altoid tin and suitable for wearing around one's neck.

Tiny Doll Necklace
The tin is lined with felt glued in place and a roll of felt makes a pillow. More felt for the blanket and you've got a stylin' little doll spot.

Tiny Doll Necklace
We glued magnets on the backs and bottoms to let them stand in the tin box.

To make the necklace, we punched a hole with a hammer and awl then strung three strands of embroidery floss braided together through the hole. We backed it on the inside (and outside) with a button and knotted it on the inside where the knot is hidden behind the pillow roll.

Tiny Doll Necklace
Cuteness from scraps we had around the house. Now that's just a fun thing--even with a blister to show for it.

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Judi said...

So cute! I know two girls in my house who would absolutely love to make this - I guess we'll have to buy some altoids though! :)

MomInProgress said...

Cute and clever! We will have to try this. Thanks for always having such great ideas - I'm in every sense a "fan" of your blog!

Anonymous said...

Am forwarding this to all my friends who have little girls! Precious.

Hazel said...

Your poor finger!! The last time I had hot glue at youth club I was being soooo careful. Only one person got burned - yes, you guessed - ME!!