Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Hodge Podge

As my title suggests, I have here an odd mix of items for your attention. A plethora. A veritable cornucopia of links. First, courtesy of my favorite husband, is a fascinating preview of a new documentary called "The Joy of Stats" (yes, I know, statistics thrills me about as much as standing in line at the DMV but pretend with me for a minute).  Four minutes of your time might change your mind about how you feel about statistics after this classy little show.

Then, a photographer that is different from your average.  I'm a bit of a grump when it comes to the funky, crazy, bizarre, modern engagement photo. I don't like the couple hanging all over each other and I don't like that vogue washed-out look designed to make the photo look as if it's sat in a drawer for 50 years.  I don't like the weird camera angles and ripped jeans attire but I do like Jason Lee's creative photography. Somehow it's not just about the gimmicky stuff, it's about the models and how their personalities come through. Design Mom has some of his kid portraits here and his personal site has gorgeous wedding photos. Definitely not the average make-out picture that seems to be so prevalent.

Next, Design Sponge has a beautiful paper leaf wreath that is so simple and beautiful that it seems the perfect holiday decoration unless it has to compete against these perfect tiny gingerbread houses.  If a traditional house is too big to tackle and makes you weak in the knees, these little beauties look much easier and prettier with their simplicity.

Finally, I'm making hats right now and this refitted retro pattern from Noro is going into the "I want to make" pile. 

Oh . . . and one more thing.  I promised you zebra heads, didn't I? In her art class Grace has been making a paper mache zebra head (don't ask because I don't know why) and she brought it home for a coat of paint last week. It's got a plastic animal eye that looks completely real and it's really kind of spooky to see the whole thing on the kitchen counter while it dries.  She left it out overnight and when I came down to the kitchen and bumped into it in the dark I nearly wet my pants it scared me so badly.

Can't wait to see what it looks like finished--I think she needs to make a whole menagerie and use it to decorate her future bakery.


luke said...

Did you know that statistics majors are 50 times less likely to live under an over-pass than humanities majors and 90 times less likely to have to fight a rat for a pizza crust than an English major (especially if they empahsized in retoric).

: )

Scribbit said...

Um . . . was that rhetoric?? :)

And rat pizza is my favorite

Becca said...

I saw Hans Rosling speak this summer at the International Conference on Teaching Statistics in Slovenia and loved his talk. Anyone can play with this and other multidimensional world datasets at I hope the Joy of Stats also airs on this side of the pond. The chief economist at Google (Hal Varian) called statisticians the sexy job of the next ten years.  We sexy statisticians have great job security and can work in essentially any field, but statistical literacy is for everyone. Yay Hans and BBC!

Scribbit said...

I'm jealous--he seems like an interesting guy to listen to. His TED conference talk goes over much of the same information he shares on the clip.

Becca said...

Yeah, it was great (Slovenia too). Thanks for posting the video. Oh, and I love Grace's zebra and your wooden box. Such talent! Miss you guys.

Edward Family said...

Wow, the photographer is amazing and so unique! Thanks!