Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Where Am I?

Let's see . . . where have I been? Well, most recently I've been scrambling for a last-minute prom dress.  No, not for me silly.  For Grace. The good news is that she's got a date but the bad news is that it cost me $20 in overnight shipping. And I mean that in the nicest, happiest-mom sort of way.

She has beautiful taste though--see her selection? It's a vintage 1950s dress from Etsy that will fit her perfectly (sigh . . . to have a figure that size again) and will go great with her strawberry-blond locks.

I've also been reading like crazy.  A few books on ancient history (go ahead and ask me about the Sumerians--I'm all over it) then True Grit (loved the movie) and The Eagle of the Ninth (ditto) and now I'm working on a biography of Napoleon by Paul Johnson.  If you're ever into history Paul Johnson is the way to go--I'm just hoping he gets his biography on Socrates finished before he . . . uh . . . shuffles off this mortal coil (he's about 105 I think).

The snow is showing signs that it may not be a permanent fixture so everyone is in good spirits. We ran up to the cabin during spring break last week to check out the snowmaching and enjoy the sunshine and got a bonus in a gorgeous display of the northern lights.

And I've been knitting.  Finished this Rosebud cardigan from Berroco's free pattern stash and started on this adorable Carli ribbed cardigan from Cocoknits (which has the most beautiful sweater patterns). Love how you can adjust the button hole to different places, including no button then belt it.

Oh, and I've been consuming very large quantities of hot chocolate.  Lots.  Here are some new recipes that I've been meaning to try for the stuff:

Thick Hot Chocolate (i.e. "fondue for breakfast")
Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate
Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

Or maybe I'll try baking:
Brownies in a Crockpot
Lemon Curd in the Microwave
Or Vanilla Pear Jam (doesn't that just sound amazing?)

The other thing I'm toying with is this quilt-block pattern creator where you can upload a photo and turn it into a quilt block pattern.  I've uploaded a bunch of photos from our India trip last year (I've been feeling nostalgic as the anniversary of the trip has approached--we left a year ago today) and think that making a quilt top from the pixelated photos would be pretty darn cool. Whose with me?


Reno said...

The quilt idea is great.
Love that dress- it's wonderful. And the sweaters.
Nice to see you again!

Jordan (MamaBlogga) said...

Gorgeous prom dress, and I love those sweaters! (Are you on Ravelry?)

I made Vanilla Pear Jelly . . . three years ago, I think? It was delicious. Definitely use real vanilla. (I didn't, actually, and it was still good, but I think the flavors would balance with a bit more subtlety with real vanilla.)

Kim said...

That prom dress is STUNNING.

I don't knit (yet . . . learning to knit is on my bucket list) and I'm not going to admit how much I paid—TOO MUCH—for a sweater that looks very similar to the green one. I do love it, though!

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

The DRESS!!!! Darling, feminine, and just lovely. And I'm all over that thick hot chocolate. We ran out of our Valor mix from Spain. :( BUT, my two oldest are going to Barcelona in April and that is #1 on my list for them to bring back (well other than a flamenco dress for the 17 month old).

Nice to hear you've been busy with lots of good things.

Annie said...

Such a beautiful dress. I'd love to find one for my girl!

Janel said...

FABULOUS DRESS! I love that! But, you know, I'm in to that kind of thing...

There's nothing quite like a new sweater either.

Happy Spring. : )

NorahS said...

Glad you are "back." I looked over here the other day to see how long it had been since you posted. Modest prom-wear is a huge challenge. That dress is adorable! Great reading tips. Thanks!

Janelle said...

Omigosh -- I love Grace's dress! It's so beautiful!

Stephanie said...

I absolutly love that dress!

Suburban Correspondent said...

Nice to hear from you! I'm guessing that up in Alaska you have escaped the hooker prom dress phenomenon. I would have paid any amount of money to have my daughter go to the prom that fully clothed.

Suri said...

Hi :)

Sorry for this interference in your blog. I´ve been reading you since some time ago.
I´m from Madrid, Spain, and I find really interesting the reflections of a person who lives so far from me...

The dress it´s so lovely that I have to say it!



Nanette @momneverstops said...

The dress is beautiful- hope we get to see pictures of you daughter on prom day!
The sweaters I love - you are very talented in knitting (I tried it once - not so good)
Quilt idea is interesting I am going to pass it on to my mom.
Good to hear from you again.

Scribbit said...

Grace is quite gratified that you approve of her choice--

it's so hard to find modest dresses isn't it?

I'm glad she's into the vintage thing.

Melanie said...

I hope you post a pic of Grace all dolled up :)

gretchen from lifenut said...

LOVE that dress. What a find.

Lucy (aka rharper) said...

You are so creative! Can we be sister's or cousin's or something? Because ... I'm just not. Love the sweaters.

Annette Lyon said...

I'm gonna have to bookmark that Etsy shop. Such cute stuff--and I have teen daughters coming up the pike. (Scary that I'm to the point of thinking about PROM in the next couple of years!!!)

Maddy said...

I've been knitting too but a darned sight less productive than you are! I've been experimenting with beading and knitting - you made a string bag with seashells several life times ago - which pushed me to have a go.

Love that frock - will we get to see her modeling it?

J at said...

Glad to see you back here. I've been a little worried, hoping all is OK.

The dress is gorgeous, and I know she'll have a fabulous time at prom.

I admire your knitting skills. You make the most beautiful things.

Evelyn Theresa said...

I made the Vanilla Pear Jelly - definitely recommended. It's great.

And what book on the Sumerians have you been dreading? I've been looking for a good one on them.

Scribbit said...

Oh just some works on ancient history at the library--I'd give you titles but I can't remember them as I've returned them and they were all pretty generic (i.e. "An Overview of Ancient History" or "The Beginnings of the Western World"--that kind of thing). There were five of them and they were all relatively short, under 400 pages and not like some of the hefty textbooks out there. One had mostly pictures. As I read I made up my own timeline to track the different civilizations' major points and it looked so pretty. :)

Komodo Island is the NEW 7 Wonders of The World said...

I have a daughter 7 years old, do you have suggestion what is the the best dress for her at school party

smp 3 lembang said...

Great stuff I really like that dress I will looking to make a same design for my daughter

Stephanie said...

Your daughter has EXCELLENT taste. That dress is gorgeous - and so unique.

Meridith said...

are you selling those beautiful sweater you have knitted!!
I would love to purchase one or both!