Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Funniest Movies

10. The Man Who Knew Too Little--Bill Murray is perfect here, "Get away from that phone!" is the best line. Peter Gallagher is great as the straight man in this one.

9. Oscar--Sylvester Stallone was meant for comedy and we've rewound that "Finnucci" scene 100 times. Where else can you laugh about "nicely rounded dipthongs?"

8. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure--Yea, I know it's stupid but it's funny stupid.

7. Rat Race--Probably has the two times I've laughed hardest, the dangling cow scene and the crawling up the control tower in the car scene.

6. What's Up Doc?--The dialogue is terrific.

5. Better Off Dead--Also fabulous dialogue such as "I'm really sorry about your Mom blowing up Ricky."

4. The Pink Panther Strikes Again--Followed closely by The Pink Panther Returns and when Peter Sellers tries to get into the castle or sneaks in as a dentist I still crack up.

3. Raising Arizona--Why is it a southern accent is just naturally funny? (Though I never understood why they all have southern accents, as if Hollywood thinks that Arizona is part of the Deep South). Nicholas Cage is at his peak in this one.

2. Napolean Dynamite--I won't go into it, I know there's debate about this one but I still rank it number 2. Maybe you just had to have owned a pair of moon boots to get it.

1. O Brother Where Art Thou?--Oddly enough, also done by the Coen brothers and it's number one for consistently being funny but also for having a great soundtrack and being so clever. This is smart funny. If you can't laugh at Greek epics, then what can you laugh at?


Scott Stambler said...

i don't know if i'm supposed to comment on this list but - heck.

The Big Lebowski.

Stephanie Wetzel said...

Thanks for the list! Gotta write those down. Although I'm pleased that we also loved O Brother. Does that make us cultured?

For me, I think Christmas Story needs to be on the list. Even tho it's a "holiday" movie, it's just so well-written and acted.


maryte said...

This may be lesser known, but I just love "Cold Comfort Farm" - and if you've seen it, you'll know what I mean when I tell you "They'll be no butter in hell!"