Saturday, October 21, 2006

You Can't Have a Meme Without the "Me"

My brain was heading in a different direction for Saturday's post, but who can argue when your tag comes up? (thanks Sadie). Somehow "10 Weird Things About Me" seems rather self-focused but hey, isn't that what blogging's all about? So here goes:

Ten Weird Things About Me

10. When I was in kindergarten I memorized the alphabet backward which came in handy later when a bully suggested that I was stupid. "Oh yea? Well I can say the alphabet backward--can you?" Shut him right up. zyxwvutsrqponmlkjijhgfedcba. So there.

9. I dislike animals intensely. I can't say "hate" because that would sound just too mean (what's that matter with me?) but I don't like them, noooooo. Though I don't like seeing any living creature suffer--I'm a take-the-spider-and-release-it-into-the-wild kind of gal but we'll never have a dog or cat. NEVER.

8. Speaking of dislike, I don't like Halloween. Seems a rather silly holiday to use a celebration of death as an excuse to extort candy. But what do I know?

7. I floss religiously. Every day, sometimes twice. My uncle the dentist says I'm his favorite.

6. Speaking of teeth, I only have 28--instead of 32--including my wisdom teeth. I was robbed--of both teeth and wisdom.

5. I love the smell of hospitals and airports. Hospitals because the smell reminds me of new babies and excitement and airports because the smell reminds me of anticipation and vacations.

4. I cannot tolerate kazoos. The sound of someone playing one--let alone one touching my lips--is worse than fingernails on a chalkboard, something about the vibrations. EEECH! Just thinking about it sends shivers.

3. I was traumatized as a child when the bus ran over my Holly Hobby lunchbox, smashing it and all its contents flatter than yesterday's newspaper. Including the thermos. That's a day that just won't die.

2. When I read books--and I love to read--I keep a piece of paper as a bookmark and write down words I don't know. Then I look the word up, memorize it and type out the definition on a running vocab list that I keep and review regularly. Just in case I have a situation that warrants the words steatopygous, woomeras or supperate. As in, "Gee that woomeras made a nasty wound on that steatopygous young woman's behind and now it's beginning to supperate."

1. I can bend my thumbs back over the tops of my hands--probably because I have freakishly long fingers (think E.T. and you'll be close).

But enough about me--go see what Julie, Emily and Janet had to say about their own levels of weirdness.

Also, check out Nurse Betty at Flatline Web Design. She'll evaluate your blog and tell you what's wrong--and who among us isn't looking for some good ol'-fashioned criticism? I shouldn't joke because she has great suggestions, is fast and efficient--your blog will get a diagnosis faster than you yourself could see a doctor in an actual ER--and has some good links. Go look and see all my faults.


Anonymous said...

My farking husband does the same thing with his thumbs...I hate it..It grosses me out!!!!

Kazoos: I once freaked out our cat (who was given away after the incident) with a kazoo...I was playing it with Lily and the cat attacked us. She came in the room all wild-eyed and growling and attacked me...with the kazoo...I'll never play one again....Ever. It was like cat-cujo!!

I'll get to that meme soon, I promise!!!!

Anonymous said...

#2! I do that!! I do that!!! I love words, so I don't think that's weird at all!

Anonymous said...

Very funny.

I'm with you on the flossing one. I do that, too.

Anonymous said...

Those bending thumbs are quite peculiar. I wonder what you can do with your toes. :p

emily said...

That thumbs business is crazy.

K said...

A great list! Very interesting! That's weird stuff, what you do with your thumbs!

Blondie said...

I also hate kazoos! When I was little, my two male cousins and my sister tortured me by playing "Ebony and Ivory" on kazoos for like 5 hours. I want to kill anyone who has a kazoo now. And I hate that freakin' song!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't mind kazoos but I can't put yarn in my mouth or teeth. I can't even think about it. (freaks out and changes the subject)

oh my goodness, I don't think I can take the criticism of Nurse Betty. I'm going to ponder it but, since my blog is still in it's "I'll finish it someday" state, I'm afraid I'd be crushed. What, I take thing too personally? Now I've made myself cry.

Anonymous said...

Michelle! I am shocked by number 9. You just don't seem the type. I thought you would talk to animals using a high-pitched parentese voice and rub their bellies. Were you the victim of a Fluffy or a Fido as a child?
That said, totally identify with the rest of the list. I'm a bit jealous of the thumbs - as icky as it is, I've always wanted to be double-jointed.

jennwa said...

I had a Holly Hobbie lunch box too. That is a great list.

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

If you don't like animals does that mean your are a vegetarian?, those thumbs kill me, eww. and the hospital smell thing is absolutely out there. I love it!

Robin said...

Does it freak you out just a bit to know I have a total crush on you after reading this? Your convoluted mind is a JOY to creep into.

Your list made me to read more :).