Wednesday, January 24, 2007

CSS Play

A few people have asked me questions about how I got my drop-down menu under my header, and credit goes to Stu Nicholls at CSS Play. My husband found their site and used one of the their templates but with a couple minor changes.

However, I've had problems with the menu being viewed in Internet Explorer and emailed Stu yesterday for help. Not only did he answer promptly (I'm sure he's busy) but he took the time to look at the problem twice and offered substitute code to fix the problem.

Talk about helpful. If only the DMV were that user-friendly.

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Rory said...

Uncanny, or what?

First with the Loch Ness thingy, and now with this?

When I was tinkering around with a website for the first time a few years ago - A Less Brilliant Pen - I got advice from Stu Nichols! I have a little button at the bottom of that site directing people to Stu's XML. He was very helpful.

K T Cat said...

Great stuff! I threw you a link.

M said...

Thanks- I wanted to ask! I'll add that to my blog the next time I'm staring at a blank screen wondering what to write on my blog...I'm always looking for useful procrastinating techniques.