Friday, October 19, 2007

The Scariest Write-Away Winner

Thank you to all who joined us this month for the Write-Away Contest and thanks to Shalee at Shalee's Diner for judging the 45 submissions all about "things that scare me." Go have some ice cream at her diner and tell her you love her. She'll like that.

. . . And the winner is:

Mopsy at Lifenut with Fear

Gretchen is mother to Aidan Elizabeth (10), Ryley (8), Sam (7), Tommy (5), Joel (3) and Beatrix (1) which may leave you questioning how she has time to write award-winning posts but somehow she's pulling it off. Married to Lee and living in Denver she also happens to know all about Casa Bonita and their world-famous all-you-can-eat sopapillas punctuated by cliff diving, escaping gorillas and cowboy shootouts (I'm married to a man from "The Springs" so I've lived with stories of Casa Bonita for 15 years now).

Honorable Mentions:

Robin at Around the Island with Nut of the Month Club
Tracy M at Dandelion Mama with Drops of Heaven
Nannabee at My Thoughts on Life with A World Without Love


Here are a list of the entries in the order they were received:

Tracy M at Dandelion Mama with Drops of Heaven

Janet at Adventures in the 32-Aker Wood with I'm a Wuss

Kathleen at So Grateful to Be Mormon with I Needed to Speak in Testimony Mtg Today

MadamSpud 169 at The Good, the Bad and the Mischief with Deadly Fear

Leslie at My Mommy's Place with Sweet Dreams Aren't Made of This

Laura Williams at Laura Williams' Musings with Things That Go Bump in the Night and Other Tales

Marie at Memarie Lane with Window to the Future

Tanya at I'm a Mom; I Am Tired!!! with Things I Am Scared Of

Look, Mom, Look! with Masks, Snakes and an Occasional Seaweed

Deb at Mom of 3 Girls with Fighting the Fear

Beth at Total Mom Haircut with Mommy Fear

Random Girl at Random Thoughts with October Write-Away Contest: Things That Scare Me

Muskadillo Dreaming with So We Meet Again

Summer's Nook with Things That Scare Me

Jenna at Cranberry Corner with Things That Scare Me

Erica at with Things That Scare Me about Training to Be a Teacher

Lucy Van Pelt at The Doctor Is In with Ready to Look Fear in the Face

Gridley at Five Questions with Fears

Janet at Adventures in the 32-Aker Wood with The Only Thing to Fear . . .

As the Night's with Boo! Who's Scared Too?

Bonnie Jacobs at Words from a Wordsmith with My Worst Fear

Veronica Mitchell at Toddled Dredge with The Zoo

Jaycee at Semantically Driven with Things That Scare Me

disp911gal's Cre8buzz Blog with What Sends the Icy Touch of Fear Dancing Along Your Spine?

Kate at Going Coastal with In Honor of Halloween . . . Things That Scare Me

Janean at JD's Daze with Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

Zenaida at Verb with Things That Scare Me

Robin at Around the Island with Nut of the Month Club

Mopsy at Lifenut with Fear

Sarah at Real Life with My Secret Irrational Fear

Shawn L. at Letters to My Daughters with Taking the Boo out of Halloween

The (French) Mountaindweller with Walking on the Moon

Geo at On Bright Street with Snake Cave

Meredith at Poppy Fields with A Scary Season Indeed

Mama Zen at The Zen of Motherhood with Along Came a Spider

Striving Towards Divine Love with Things That Scare Me

My Ice Cream Diary with Sounds that Scare Me

Nannabee at My Thoughts on Life with A World Without Love

Chickadee at A Familiar Path with What Scares Me

Melissa at Melissa's Idea Garden with What Scares Me

Kim at The Bitter Ball with Ghost Stories

Tea Party Girl with Fight and Fright

Patois at Whee! All the Way Home with A Mother's Fears

Susie J with How My Mom Communicates with Me

Mary at Not Before 7 with The Thing That Scares Me

Next month's Write-Away Contest topic and guest judge will be posted on Friday November 2nd.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Michelle and Shalee.

We are Tommy's Advocates said...

I sent in an entry and I don't see it on the list . . . oh well! Thanks for hosting anyway.

Scribbit said...

I'm so sorry, I messed up that link, but it's back in properly now where it should be. Please forgive . . .

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

Gretchen is so deserving. Her writing is fantastical! I once had the pleasure of eating lunch with her and all her fine children. Just lovely!


Damselfly said...

I was just going to write my entry when I realized it's over. Thanks for another great contest, Michelle!

Deb said...

These all sound like great reading. Love the new look too.

Heather said...

I sent in an entry as well that isn't listed??

tracy m said...

Thanks, Michelle. And thanks for the nod, Shalee.

ZAM said...

Thanks for the link. And for always hosting a contest.

Anonymous said...

I'm behind the times, but I love the new look. It's fantastic.

One Wacky Mom said...

I just found your's wonderful. I've never been to Alaska. One of the four states in the US I've never been to. Very cool!