Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April's Write-Away Contest

Historic Photos of Alaska by Dermot ColeWhen I choose topics for the Write-Away Contest I try to pick those that will evoke some kind of emotion--if I can bring to mind memories, thoughts and feelings then you're more likely to write a great entry. This month's topic is "Going Home" and what thing in the world brings to mind more memories and emotions than "home"?
Take it from whatever angle you'd like, the more creative the better, and wow us with your prose.

A couple of tips:

* Less is usually more--cut it down to the essential words. Brevity isn't just the soul of wit it's the soul of good writing as well.

* Get to know the judge--check out her writing and see what angle on the topic would most likely appeal to her.

* Try for a title that sets your entry apart--a snappy phrase can do wonders. I loved Robin's "Moving the Goal Posts" title last month.

* The most important sentence is your first so make it count. Readers decide by the end of the first paragraph, sometimes the first sentence, if they're going to finish reading the piece.

If you'd like to participate here are the rules:

1. Write a post or find one in your archives on the topic, "Going home," and email your post's permalink to me at: scribbit at gmail.com any time through Wednesday April 16th. If you fail to meet the April 16th deadline I will still happily publish your link with the list of entries but it will not be judged. I reserve the right to reject submissions if they fail to meet the topic or if they contain objectionable content.

2. Publish a link to the contest page here at Scribbit in either your entry post or in a separate post.

3. Check back here on Friday April 18th when I will post a complete list of the entries along with the Write-Away Winner and any honorable mentions our judge sees fit to award.

Our guest judge this month is Elizabeth at Planet Nomad, an excellent writer who is an expert on the topic of "Going Home." Living in Nouakchott, Mauritania (as in Africa) her family of five recently relocated back home to the U.S. for a year. If you haven't met her yet I look forward to introducing you to her later this month, her blog is at the top of my favorites list.

This month's prize is a book about my home which I've received called Historic Photos of Alaska by Dermot Cole. It's a large, 216-page hardcover book filled with photographs illustrating the story of this beautiful state I love so much.

But besides this the winner and all runners-up or honorable mentions (I leave that up to the judge to award them) will also get to take home this attractive Write-Away Winner button which he or she may display in their sidebar if they wish.

Write-Away Contest WinnerGood luck, I look forward to reading your entries.


Jill of London, Kentucky was this week's giveaway winner and has won the set of accessories from Refined Sugar--I love those blossoms!

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Anonymous said...

I love this month's topic - - it reminds me of the times I go back home after at least a year of being away (studying abroad).

Can't wait to read the entries.

Lei said...

love it... and the book of photos!

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

This one took me back where I haven't gone for a while. Love it. Thank you!


Ice Cream said...

I have a post for this topic in my head right now, but it is rather bittersweet. Maybe I will wait (like always) till something happier comes to mind. Or maybe not.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Hmmmm....seems appropriate since I am moving...have to think of my "angle"...

Janet said...

I used to live in London Kentucky! I'll have to look Jill up.

mumple said...

This topic is great--I was already thinking some thinks and this fits perfectly.

Amanda D said...

I just sent my entry off. Thanks for doing this...it's good to get my brain going!

Pieces of Me said...


Hi, finally, made it!

Don Mills Diva said...

I am very excited about this and I'm gonna enter - that book looks incredible!

Lori said...

Here's my entry, The Heartbeat of My Home:

Marybeth Whalen said...

I found this contest through Adventures in Babywearing's entry. Immediately I thought of my post, which had just happened and was perfect for this theme. So, I just wrote mine and put it up on my blog-- fun!

Unknown said...


Jen at Semantically driven said...

Going home - indeed. Done and dusted at my blog.

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

Here's a link to my entry:


Anonymous said...

Done! :) Here ya go:

Killlashandra said...

Here is my post.

Come to Home


Deb said...

Just finished my post.

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

my link didn't work...here it is again:
My Spot On The Pale Blue Dot