Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Meet Contributing Writer Kim Christopher

Kim ChristopherLast week I mentioned that there are some exciting changes in the works here at Scribbit--things we'll be unveiling the first half of July--which include bringing on some other wonderful writers. Now don't worry, I'm not going anywhere and with these changes I'll still be writing as I always have, you'll just be getting a little bit more from our great state.

After her post last week I'm thrilled to formally introduce you to Kim Christopher, a fellow Alaskan whom I have had the pleasure to meet and am looking forward to knowing better.

While I was born in Anchorage and have always thought of myself an authentic Alaskan, Kim was born in Ketchikan in beautiful southeast Alaska then went to high school in Homer here in southcentral then attended college in Fairbanks (UAF) in the interior so she has a far greater claim to being an "authentic" Alaskan--or at least a more well-traveled.

Married to her high school sweetheart, she's a former high school English and theatre teacher who is currently at home full-time raising her 4 daughters (ages 12, 10, and 4-year-old identical twins). She started blogging 2 years ago at The Mommy Machine to help her "notice the extraordinary moments in otherwise ordinary days."

What else can I tell you about her? In her own words she says: "I love to read, but tend to hyper-focus when I get into a good novel. I don't have that kind of time any more with young children, so for now I'm reading mostly nonfiction that I can pick up and put down without forgetting characters and plot. I'm currently carrying around In Defense of Food by Pollan and Freakonomics by Dubner & Levitt in my 'purse,' which is more like a tote bag.

"I'm a big believer in family meals; fortunately, I enjoy cooking. The 'Dinner Last Night' segment on my blog started as a kind of joke (I mention what we ate the night before at the end of every post), but people actually like it and sometimes I get requests via email for recipes or readers will send me a recipe they think I will like—I love that sense of community, even in the virtual world of blogging."

And as a final proof that you'll love Kim--check out her perfect use of the semicolon: the most under appreciated piece of punctuation in the English language that only true writers and former English teachers dare to use properly. I'm going to enjoy having her around.

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M said...

I do love me a good semicolon! :) Welcome, Kim!

CountessLaurie said...

Hi Kim *waving*

I personally use the semicolon all the time... see ;-)

Mothers, Ink said...

Camai Kim!

Kim said...

Thanks for the introduction, Michelle—glad to be here, and I'm hopin' some of your class rubs off on me
: ) And a big thanks, peeps, for the welcome comments!

branda50 said...

Nice to meet you Kim...Beautiful family..