Monday, May 08, 2006

My Family's Most Commonly Mispronounced Words

10. pronunciate instead of pronunciation (and there's irony if you care to look)

9. patri-article instead of patriarchal

8. paradise-ical instead of para-di-SAY-ical

7. lead (even when it should be led it is still pronounced leed, as in "leed pipe")

6. clairvoyant has become clar-voy-ANT

5. foliage has mutated into FOY-lage

4. salivate has become salivatate

3. boa (as in boa constrictor) is a "boo" as in "Mom, I want to read a story about boos" (What?! A story about booze?)

2. instead of faux pas we get foo paws (another spot of irony)

1. And my personal favorite, "Oh, great! We're having kaboobs for dinner tonight!"


sarah hart kingston said...

I love kaboobs! Do you have a good recipe?