Friday, September 22, 2006

Legos, Legos, Everywhere

I realized the other day that I'd reached the apex of motherhood--I'm not playing house anymore--when I noticed I no longer saved Legos. I used to pick up those tiny plastic pieces out of the shag carpet, the washing machine drum after a cycle or out of the cupholders in my car but not any more.

Now, anything I find gets thrown away rather than put back in the large plastic storage tub. The boys never even miss them. It's a real breakthrough for me.

I figure it's "finders-keepers" and if they won't pick them up then they shouldn't care if their toys are gone for good. Plus, I'm of the opinion that it's not a bad thing for my children to have toys that break or disappear or lose parts otherwise we'd be swimming in toys.
I know, I know, I'm a mean mom.

Maybe it's because I've found Legos everywhere--in the cracks of the couch, in the refrigerator, in the fireplace, in the toilet (all true). Once I even came home from church and changed my clothes to find a Lego in my bra. Not sure how it got there but it explained why things were so uncomfortable. Sometimes you feel like you never have any privacy.

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DavidR said...

As a kid, we had a woodstove to heat the house. My father would walk down at 3am to put another log... Then we would hear him he stepped onto a lego...
Ah sweet memories!

I laughed at your visa bill post... ps. I sold my insurance agency so as of dec 31st I'm out... more on this on my latest post.

Mel said...

That is hilarious! I do the same thing with Yu-Gi-Oh cards and Legos. Sometimes even small plastic toys, random ones.

livingjetlag said...

Little Lego (TM) pieces are one of parenthood's great mysteries. Are they pieces that you bought, which are trying to escape out into the world, or are they pieces from outside invading your home, like ants, trying to join your colony? Either way, trying to fight Lego entropy is like dusting - no one claims responsibility and says "Oh, yes, I left that there," they just mysteriously accumulate in random corners etc. Don't feel bad about tossing either one. I think finding a Lego piece in your bra is proof that they move independently, and mysteriously.

Carmen said...

HA! I just recently started doing this as well. Amzingly freeing.