Saturday, September 23, 2006

This You Can't Beat

I was in the middle of my Thursday afternoon, minding my own business (probably making dinner or cleaning up after kids, odd are) when my doorbell rang and there was Jacqueline with flowers--for me!

How nice and how sweet of her--said she was thinking of me--and now every time I see my beautiful yellow flowers (yellow is my favorite color) I'm thinking warm fuzzy thoughts about her.

They are growing and I've repotted them into a bigger container and have given them prime seating at my south-facing window. Let's see if I can nurse them through our coming cold, dark winter.

I love flowers . . . I love yellow . . .I love nice people . . .


jen said...

it's quite nice to get an unexpected surprise...akin to finding a new blog and being pleasantly I was when I found yours. cheers. Great writing going on here.