Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Someone I'd Like You to Meet: Jeana from Days to Come

Jeana at Days to ComeI have a confession to make, when I picked this month's guest judge for the Write-Away Contest--I was being a little sneaky. I've been visiting Jeana's blog Days to Come for months now and have wanted to meet her because anyone who is so darn funny and entertaining needs to be my Official Best Friend so I asked her if she'd consider judging the contest. Being the nice person she is, she agreed and I was cheering because I got to do a fun interview.

Only thing is, it didn't go quite as planned (does it ever?) We scheduled a time to talk but sure enough we were interrupted by everything from soup boiling over to an overflowing toilet--neither of which is a pretty thing--and finally had to admit defeat. However, in the brief amount of time I was able to discern a few odd coincidences in our lives:

1) We both have four kids, two boys and two girls each. Okay that may not be that unusual until you factor in that BOTH sets of kids are incredibly cute and funny. What are the odds?

2) We're both married to our husbands. And we like them--a lot.

3) Jeana's last name even happens to be a family name for us too, one we used as a middle name for our kids.

4) Her town in Texas? Well I've been there--or at least to the airport but it still counts.

5) Both our husbands are (how to say this tactfully?) shorter than their wives. Being six foot tall and married to an under-six-foot man myself I'm always ready to high-five anyone taller than her husband. Now the question is: does she still wear heels? I confess I didn't during the first half of my fifteen married years but I finally gave up the complex and decided that I'd rather wear heels, thank you. Since Andrew was okay with me regardless of height I've been viewing the world from 6'2" ever since.

6) We both had careers as underwear models. Okay here I'm totally lying but the story she tells is so great I'd do anything to have a story like that to blog about.

And here are a few things about Jeana that are totally different from me:

* She's written a book. No lie this time, a real book or at least many chapters of one. It hasn't been published but even having a physical manuscript that one could pull out at parties is something. Something I wish I had.

* She homeschools her four children. This, too, impresses me because I've always felt that was something beyond me. I've been very happy to send my children off to school with a wave, a kiss and a lunch and I have to admire someone so organized who could pull that off well.

* She has other blogs. I've always been amazed at anyone who could maintain more than one blog or writing project. All my extra time goes into this blog (and any other little writing I might do on the side) so I can't imagine having other blogs to keep, clean and orderly and dust-free. She has a public blog on homeschooling plus two other private blogs. Impressive, very impressive.

* She has a healthy attitude about blogging. While I tend to be a little crazed at times about maintaining, writing, keeping up with comments and visiting other blogs (and I haven't been doing so well in that department lately, maybe I need to "up my meds"--kidding) Jeana says she isn't one to force herself to post every day.

"When I've had too much and I need to back off a little bit I just don't write," she says factually. She doesn't repost or take official breaks, just blogs when she feels she has something to say. Maybe that's why her blog is so entertaining and fun to read, because she has something to say and she says it well.


Join me May 1st for next month's Write-Away Contest topic and guest judge.

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Pendullum said...

Sounds like Jeana is a Scribbit Soul Sista to me!

Coach J said...

Enjoyed the interview and loved the underwear story. I love it when you meet someone you just "click" with right away.

G's Cottage said...

Loved the introduction interview, and her "underwear story" but her "Blinded by the Light" story tops that. I am still laughing and I need to share this with at least a dozen people. Thanks, great post.

Lisa said...

Yes, it DOES sound like Jeana is your soul sister! How cool that you guys got to chat.

Shalee said...

Scribbit: Just wanted to remind you that I've actually MET her (neener neener neeeeeener) and we discovered that we're actually twins separated at birth. But she has something going for her: She's the funny, pretty one. And it suits her just fine.

Melissa R. Garrett said...

Thanks so much for posting this ~ you've totally convinced me that I need to spend some quality time perusing her site :-)

Jeana said...

Anyone who has met Shalee could not agree with her comment that I'm the "funny, pretty one". :-)

mcewen said...

Multi talented and productive, I'll have to nip along on your recommendation and see what I'm missing. [imagine you admitting publicly to your 'lurking' propensities!]

An Ordinary Mom said...

What a fun interview. I will have to check out this blog of hers. She sounds amazing, but then so are you!

Too bad all of us bloggers couldn't just meet sometime. That would be fabulous.

T. said...

I knew there was a reason I kept coming back to this blog (besides everything that's so darn good about it)...I am also taller than my husband. Me - 6'1" and him around 5'10". I still have a bit of a hangup about it, 17 years into our relationship. But, I so know the feeling of wanting to "high five" other couples like this! haha.

thanks for the great read every day and I'll definitely check out Jeana's blog.

Lei said...

oh yay - looking forward to hearing the topic...

fellow 6 footer here - but i lucked out; my husband is 6'2".

kim in mi said...

it amuses me that you associate homeschooling with organized. Trust me, it is not necessarily true.

I'm a whopping 5'0" (I refuse to be shorter) and always worry that tall people are looking at the dust on top of my fridge.

Jen said...

Ok, I get the "tall woman" high-five! And if I even find a pair of heels I like and that fit, I promise to buy them and get over my height complex.

Anonymous said...

How great to read and see the photo where the lady is taller !!
I am taller than my husband and after 24 years of marriage still have a hang up about it. I am always looking for other 'odd' couples. At 5'9, high heels just are not an option ! It makes me feel big and un feminine ?