Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Chicks at the Imaginarium in Anchorage

Mother Loon at The Imaginarium in Anchorage, AlaskaWhat is it about babies that is so appealing? I'm not much of an animal person, they make me a little nervous, but even I'll admit that anything in baby form is adorable. Crocodiles, armadillos, rats, they're all cute when they're tiny.

Lillian's been bugging me for a while to take her downtown to the Imaginarium so she could see the annual chick exhibit where children can hold the newly hatched chickens, learn about the wonders of nature and then bug their parents about letting them have a chicken for a pet.

Not being Supermom, I put off the trip until one morning I realized that the exhibit might be gone because--I have it on good authority--chicks eventually grow up and become chickens. I was afraid we'd missed the chicks.

Chicks at the Imaginarium in Anchorage, AlaskaBut luck was with me and the minute we were through the doors Lillian pointed to the display you see pictured above and said, "MOM! LOOK! There's a mommy laying her eggs right now!" I hated to burst her bubble by telling her that no, that mommy loon was long gone and that those eggs weren't ever going to hatch--that it was a case of Loon Under Glass--and figured the truth wasn't that big of a deal anyway so I just lamely smiled and shrugged my shoulders in a non-committal way.

Chicks at the Imaginarium in Anchorage, AlaskaThe chick she got to hold must have been well-broken in because he was content to sit in her hand as long as she'd hold him. Maybe it was her warm hands or maybe he was one exceptionally well-behaved chick but whatever the reason Lily was thrilled. "This is the only soft one, Mom, I think!"

She was ready to love him and pet him and call him her friend and call his name George.

Colored Chicks at Triple D Hatchery Palmer, AlaskaBut if you're not into plain old domestic fowl and poultry--if you need a little more spice in your springtime you should check out Triple D Hatchery in Palmer. It's a local farm that sells chickens, ducks and turkeys but every spring they offer promotional colored chicks. Yup, pink, green, blue, purple all the beautiful pastel spring colors--blueberry chicks Lillian calls them. I guess she figures they must be like Jello with colors to match the flavors.

When the eggs are incubating the owners inject dye that colors the chicks' early feathers. It's rather psychedelic to see a blue chick but supposedly the dye isn't harmful and the colored feathers fall out as the chicks grow.

Walking Stick at the Imaginarium in Anchorage, AlaskaBut as for our chicken experience, Lillian was thrilled with her plain-old everyday chick that sat serenely in her cupped hands, enjoying her warmth. Spring time means babies and there's nothing sweeter than my baby holding a baby chick.

But thank goodness the chicks were all that was being passed around. When Lillian saw the bug exhibit she was fascinated by the enormous insects and wanted to hold the bug. I think that would have been more than my stomach could have endured. Did I say all babies were cute? I take that back. Thank goodness for that piece of plexiglass separating me from my foot-long flying friend. Is that for real?

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Jenn in Holland said...

"She was ready to love him and pet him and call him her friend and call his name George."

Simply the best line ever!

And this? "Not being Supermom" Simply not true about you.

Share your love of cute baby things, but must draw the line at flying creepy things, no matter the size. And colored chicks? That's just weird.

Love the post!

Melissa R. Garrett said...

I have often contemplated raising chickens, simply because chicks are so darn cute. That's not really a good enough reason, I will admit, and I am not particularly fond of adult-sized chickens. But they suck you right in with their cuddly cuteness. The colored ones are crazy!!

And I agree with Jenn ~ you ARE a "Supermom"

Amy W said...

That bug was just plain scary.

And the colored chicks? I had no idea. The things I learn from your blog!

Diane said...

Colored chicks - eee! They're cute and slightly disturbing all at once. I wouldn't be opposed to having a lavender one, though. Cute!

mcewen said...

Not a photoshop trick then? Maybe it's just too early for me, but psychedelic would be an apt description for my tiny brain. I wonder if I dare show it to the children?

Jordan said...

I've been known to claim that cuteness is a baby's defense mechanism. How many times have I had it up to here with mine and then I look down at an angel looking back at me?

Do chickens love their babies?

Joyful Days said...

Until last year my father was always getting new chicks each spring. That would be where we'd find the kids--out holding chicks.

That bug looks like the "mummified fairy" on Snopes.

Looks like a fun place to visit.

my4kids said...

"She was ready to love him and pet him and call him her friend and call his name George."
I've used this line myself before and Madison can repeat it herself. haha I love it.
I love baby things also but yeah bugs not on my list of cute baby things....eewww that made me shiver when I saw that bug....eeww shiver again........

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Oh gosh when I was a kid I can remember going to the mall at Easter and seeing coloured chicks. I thought they were the cutest things ever, I wanted one sooooo badly! Thanks for reminding me :-)

Damselfly said...

Um. If that bug is the baby, then I don't want to see the mama!

Heffalump said...

When they were in grade school my younger sisters' class hatched chicks, and then there was a drawing or something to decide who got them. They won one of the chicks and we kept it in a big wire cage (like they use for rabbits). First it got long ugly chicken feet, and the rest of it got ugly shortly after that. Then it went to live on a farm of some friends. Too bad they don't stay cute and fluffy forever.

Lisa said...

What a cool place to be.

I disagree. You ARE SO Supermom!

Qtpies7 said...

Oh, wow, those colored chicks reminded me of that game Chuzzle! LOL Do a search on it, you'll see what I mean!

Susan said...

I just found this on google, great post! I just started raising chickens and I love it! I've also begun dabbling in raising ducks and I always find blogs like this so inspirational! Thanks.