Saturday, May 26, 2007

Perfect Picturewall

Perfect PicturewallWhen I remodeled the kitchen a few weeks ago Andrew made the comment that he wished we had family pictures on display. Well I took his comment to heart and now we have pictures with a vengeance.

I was exercising at the gym--it's the only way for me to get my HGTV fix because we don't have cable at home--and Divine Design used this fabulous decorating idea.

Perfect Picturewall gives you everything you need to hang a grouping of pictures on your wall. The kit includes ten frames, twelve mats, hanging hardware and a template so that all you need to do is tape the template to your wall in the space where you want the grouping and then make the nail holes through the paper. Just hang the pictures and Presto! You've got everything evenly spaced, level and ready for viewing.

Decorating with PicturesIt comes with black and white prints if you'd like to use their stock photos instead of your own. Frames can be ordered in two thicknesses and in a variety of colors. With the kit you get three templates, two for groupings up a stairway and one in a five by eight-foot rectangular grouping. I didn't have the space to put up the entire eight-foot grouping so I cut my template into two pieces, used one on one wall and the other on an opposite wall.

Shipping is always free for any lucky souls living in the contiguous United States but 2nd day air is usually required for shipping to Alaska.

With the free shipping the price isn't unreasonable considering how much it costs to buy an individual quality frame and custom mat. When you throw in the hours of labor to find the frames, order the mats and arrange such a grouping I felt the product was a good deal for the price. From the time I received the box on my doorstep to the time my pictures were on the wall was about a half an hour. That's my kind of decorating.

I love cable t.v., I love Candice Olson, I love my new picture walls.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for blogging on the perfect picture wall. I have been searching and searching on HGTV to find it. We have this huge blank wall that we have been trying to figure out and as soon as we saw the show...we looked at each other and said that's it , that's it.
Thanks again!

Evann said...
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Evann said...

Hi I read your blog and decided to go out and buy the Perfect Picturewall and it turned out great. It was so easy to hang and the quality is amazing. Thanks so much for recommending it. i put it in my living room and i plan on buying more for my house. Thanks again!