Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Crafts

Halloween CraftsDo you ever wander into forgotten aisles at a store and find treasures?

I've been in Walmart this past week and found a couple fun little craft packages that the kids have loved and had to share the victory of the hunt with you.

Halloween CraftsFirst, there was a Wilton candy necklace kit where the kids could string their own Halloween necklaces and which kept them happy and contented for a good forty minutes. Longer if you count the eating time (and you gotta count the eating time). The kit makes 8 necklaces and was less than $3--a Class A Bargain!

Halloween CraftsThen, there were the foamy kits. All the supplies for making a little 3-D haunted house with peel-and-stick pieces that even small fingers could manage. The kit I found was just over $4 though I've found one that is similar online, it's a little more expensive and not exactly the same kit but maybe you could get lucky too if you check the post-holiday sales.

Halloween CraftsA second kit was for a jointed foamy scarecrow that Lillian loved gluing and fastening. Though I couldn't find the exact kit here is a website that has all sorts of inexpensive holiday craft kits like the one I bought--gotta love an inexpensive project like this.

With long hours of winter ahead I may have to stock up.

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Jenny said...

I love these!

I've gotta get to Michael's soon.

chelle said...

hehe We made a haunted foam house too!

Heffalump said...

Foam projects are always fun for the kids...and generally inexpensive as well.

Sheila said...

Cute photos and fun crafts. I seem to do most of the work when we "do crafts" though. :)