Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's About Time

Hugs from the Heart AwardAnd for my second post today . . .

I've been so bad about this I'm almost ashamed to mention it here, but you have my permission to leave a snippy comment if you feel like chastising me. I deserve it.

I've had so many kind people handing out awards lately and I've saved all of them to post about at a later time but you know how things go, the box piles up until suddenly it's more than you care to tackle. Well I'm tackling it now and here are some friends that deserve my thanks along with the awards they gave me:

Nice Matters Award* McEwen at Whitterer on Autism with the Hugs from the Heart Award

* In the Life of a Child, Mamanista, Mama's Moon, Compost Happens and The Not Quite Crunchy Parent with the Nice Matters Award

You Make Me Smile Award* Midwestern Mommy with You Make Me Smile Award

* The Chronicles of a SAHM with the Out of this World Award

Out of this World Award* The Thinking Blogger Award from Sonoma Diet

* A Life Uncommon and Mother's Home! with Blogging Star Award

Blogging Star Award* Melissa's Idea Garden and "Life Isn't about Finding Yourself. Life Is about Creating Yourself," G. Bernard Shaw with the Community Blogger Award

* My 4 Kids with The Egel Nest Blog Award

Community Blogger AwardNow here comes the hard part. There are so many wonderful blogs I love that deserve these awards too and I'm not very good and keeping track of who has received what. So here's what I'm going to do. Here are a dozen blogs--give or take--that I have been reading lately that can take home any of these awards that they haven't already received, but if you're looking for other good blogs I've recently revised my Blogs I Love list when I redesigned my template and it's now hidden at the very bottom of this page, along with an Awards page where I keep these buttons.

PunditMom. Shhh! Don't tell her I'm a Republican (most of the time) because I love reading her stuff anyway. I sneak in and listen to what's going on over there and keep a low profile. . .

The Great Walls of Baltimore. A new blog I've just noticed from The Winter Bazaar, and so far I'm enjoying it.

Toneybabies. Megan's very nice and is fun to read.

Our 7 Qtpies. Maybe it's my roots in a large family but I like this blog.

Oh Amanda! Another relatively new blog for me that has been fun to discover.

Not Before 7. Mary's fun and her Tiny Talk Tuesday is a clever idea.

My Fairbanks Life. Not only is Theresa nice, but she's Alaskan. That's even better!

My Ice Cream Diary.
One of my recent favorites--good for a chuckle too.

Loralee's Looney Tunes. She's bold and talented--and entertaining.

Like Merchant Ships. Love, love, love this one.

Homesick Texan. Great recipes and photos for those who, like me, can't get enough of the southwestern food.

Laura Williams' Musings. All the contests and giveaways find their way to her one way or another.

I'm a Drama Mama. Thea's so kind and has been fun to get to know.

It's All for the Best. I've loved Heather for quite some time now. Nearly an eternity in Blogging Years.

Crissybug's Crazy Clan. Maybe today she'll open the letter and tell us whether it's a boy or a girl.

Crazy Bloggin' Canuck. I've saved the funniest for last. Don't miss Amber, she's hysterical.

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oh amanda said...

I'm blushing! Thanks for the linky love and the virtual thumbs up!

Maddy said...

always good to have some new blogs to investigate.

Thea said...

Dude, you're awesome. Thanks for including me and you certainly deserve every award you receive, no doubt about it!

MG said...

Wow.. I didn't know there were so many blog awards out there. Congrats on all the kudos you are getting!


Homesick Texan said...

Aw shucks, thank you! What an awesome round-up of blogs--I'm honored to be in such fine company!

Amber said...

Are you sure you don't mean craziest for last? Either way, I'm honored. :-)

The Not Quite Crunchy Parent said...

LOL- I have that problem too...just not to the same extent. You made me feel better about my lapses...thanks!

M said...

Thanks for the blog-love! Love the pumpkin carving video, btw.


(You'll be happy to know that I messed up word verification during my first attempt...)

PunditMom said...

WOW! Thanks for the love! And, hey, I like Republicans, too! (Just not Bill O'Reilly!) :)

Theresa said...

Hey, thanks! I just noticed this. I am honored to be linked to you. My blogging mentor and must-read writer.
PS Hey, I failed my first word verification, too. What am I, a pre-reader?

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Thanks for listing me. Glad you been by to visit a few times!

Loving some of the other ones you listed here too. Thanks.

Qtpies7 said...

Ohhh, you like my blog! Thanks! I didn't know you came from a large family, too. I love it, even though mine was a messed up family, but still fun enough that I went for more kids than I have siblings!

ames said...

hooray for you!
p.s. I'm a big-time lurker and I have an award for you too, since you're the first blog I ever subscribed to *sniff*

Meredith said...

I've been away from the blogosphere for the past few days--what an incredible surprise to see Like Merchant Ships listed here!

Thank you so much for the compliment!

crissybug said...

I am obviously behind on my commenting...life has been busy. Thanks for the shout out....and yes, the envelope is still sealed! :)