Friday, February 22, 2008

February's Fabulous Write-Away Winner

The Write-Away ContestThank you to all who joined us this month for the Write-Away Contest and thanks to our guest judge, Sabine at "Life Isn't about Finding Yourself. Life Is about Creating Yourself" for judging the 47 submissions on the romantic topic of Love. Check back later next week when I'll be posting an interview so you'll get a better introduction to her fun family.

. . . And the winner is:

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Violet with A Lime Popsicle

I always stay out of the way of the guest judge, not wanting to say or do anything that might influence their decision, but this month it was agonizingly hard not to drop little hints to Sabine that I LOVED this post. I wanted to mention it a couple days ago and drop a link to it but I couldn't bring myself to bias our good judge so I kept quiet and what do you know? Great minds think alike. There were some terrific entries, some lovely and elegant posts, but this one stands out among all the Write-Away entries I've received. Ever. I actually teared-up when I read it, and again when I re-read it which for me is unusual (normally I have a heart of stone). Sabine had the same reaction so you must read it and see if it touches you like it touched us. It encompasses love perfectly and from a couple different angles--give it a read and see what you think. I've already nominated it for a February Perfect Post award over at Suburban Turmoil.

Honorable Mention:

Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee with Write-Away Contest at Scribbit


Here are a list of the entries in the order they were received:

Mommysecrets with Love and Marriage

Laura Williams at Laura Williams' Musings with What Is Love Anyway?

Dolphin Lady at The Sojourner with Happy February

Lissa at Just Write with Pieces of You

Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee with Write-Away Contest at Scribbit

Jinny at A Girl in the Real World with #75--The End

Julie at A Joyful Life with HIS Love in the Midst of It All

Shannon at Following Our Bliss with Write Away-Love

Amy at Experience Imagination with Psalm 117

Why Paisley with And We Dance

Mary Lofthus at Wide Margins with Love Is

123Pizza with Playing Single

Stacie Penney at Raspberry Latte | The Bookworm Book Review with Love in My House

Emily at Chatting at the Sky with In Sickness and in Health

Sarah at A Year of Books with A Mother's Love

Drifting Divergence with Romance

Lori at CommuniKATE with Lonely Boy

Genesis Moments: A Writer's Journey with Love Canine Style

NessaAnn at Michael, vaness & Perry Jed with True Love Pt. 6

Fresh Girl at Anew and Afresh with A Valentine' Day Love Letter

Jenn at Mixed Metaphor with The Keys to Her Future

Suzanne at Adventures in Daily Living with Engagement Meme

Mama of Letters with A Valentine Special Series: Conclusion

The Diaper Diaries with Things I Love Thursday--The Valentine's Edition

Summer at Wired for Noise with Love Struck

Megan at Fried Okra with Unbroken

Susan Helene Gottfried at West of Mars with Fiction Outtake: Hands

E-Mom from Chrysalis with Valentine's Day Poetry

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Violet with A Lime Popsicle

Island Wonder with Love

Jane at What about Mom? with Love You When You're Clean and Sweet-Smelling

Jenna Consolo at Cranberry Corner with Towering above the Masses

Athena Danoy with Sipping Hot Chocolate with A Happy Ever After Story

Deb at Mom of 3 Girls with Love x 3

Karen at Simply A Musing Blog with The Scrap Bowl

T.J. Hirst at Finding What Inspires with The Eight-Minute Love Story

Megan at SortaCrunchy with On Learning to Love . . . and to Clean the Toilet

Sherry at Everything Moms with Heads or Tails

Mommy Zabs with What Can I Say about Love?

Tomorrow Is another Day with Love in 2008

Jordan at MamaBlogga with What Love Is

Lei at My Many Colored Days with I Choose to Be a Mom

Queen Mommy at From Talbots to Target with Amour

L the D at Modern Nomadism with For the Love!

Angie at Seven Clown Circus with The Thing about Being a Mommy

A Blessed Crazy Life with No One Ever Told Me . . .

Jenn at The Daring Adventure with Because She Was a Mother

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Lei said...

I agree, Lime Popsicle's entry was beautiful. Gotta love a true story!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Just gorgeous!

Thanks for hosting this, Michelle. Can't wait to read everyone's entries!

Roses Are Red, Violets are Violet said...

Thank you Michelle... I am so excited!!!

Linda said...

I loved this post; she definitely deserved to win. I contacted the company as well and told them how highly I think of them for having a heart and going the extra mile for someone in need. Thanks for the honorable mention and the opportunity!

Julie said...

Oh, what a wonderful story she wrote! She definitely deserved to win. I hope she submits it to Guideposts.

Thanks so much for letting me participate in your contest, Michelle.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh my gosh- I am emotional enough as it is... I can't stop the tears with that Lime Popsicle post!


Shelli said...

It was great fun! Thanks!

Erin said...

Oh wow! I just read the Lime Popsicle entry goodness. What a wonderful story!

Congrats to Roses are Red... and to the other entrants.

And I agree with the folks who commented on your Lime Popsicle Post, need to send this to a magazine or something!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the Winner and the Honorable Mention!

Karen said...

Thanks so much for hosting, Michelle. The Lime Popsicle story was by far the winner - I cried too. :) (AND I wrote the company)

Sarah (Genesis Moments) said...

Totally great choice! That was awesome. I loving hearing stories like that!

Valerie said...

That was beautiful. What a love story!

Melissa Markham said...

This is a beautiful story! And it is wonderful to hear there are such kindnesses still in the world.

Yes, my name is Arizona said...

That was an awesome story! Definitely deserved to win!

Jacki said...

Wow....I just read the winner's story, and that is just awesome! I am going to buy that brand from now on!

paisley said...

you know i had forgotten all about this!!! i am so thrilled to see this huge list of entrants how wonderful!!! i will begin reading right away... thank you again for the showcase.....