Thursday, April 24, 2008

Frigidaire You Stink!

Okay you've got to hear me on this because if you don't, O Mighty Internet, who will? Andrew's even out of town so he can't hear me bawl and I've got to vent to someone. How often do you hear me rant and rave anyway? This is historic I tell you.

Six years ago we bought new kitchen appliances and our refrigerator and wall oven were both from Frigidaire. A couple years ago the fridge broke (in essence totaled) but it was a faulty part that Frigidaire agreed to replace under warranty. A freak of nature you say? I think not because this January the kids were making shrinky dinks and the oven blew out--just stopped working completely.

Great. Just great. To top it off the appliance repair service I'd used before was no longer in business which meant I'd have to go with Harold's Appliance Service and I'd already had one bad experience with them six years ago.

So against my better judgment I called Harold's. They came out to fix it and the repairman griped the whole time. He griped about how the wall oven was installed, he griped about having to get it back in, griped about the problems until I was ready to pull a Hansel and Gretel move and shove him in. He's lucky my oven wasn't working.

By the time he left he'd determined pretty much nothing. My oven still wasn't working and he wasn't really sure why but he was going to order a very expensive part nonetheless. When the part finally came in and he came out to install it (with more griping) I got a bill for $286. I paid it but after he left I realized he hadn't tested the oven properly and the temperature adjustment button wasn't working--not a problem as long as you plan on baking everything at 350 right?

So I called them back and he came out again (more griping--nothing was his fault in case I planned on blaming him) and he messed with things. I'm not sure what he did but he broke it completely. Yea, it was just the temperature button out before he came but by the time he left he'd done his diagnostic job so well that the whole oven was out once again. Do you feel me getting angrier and angrier? Good because I was.

More griping--more whining about how it's not his fault and obviously the control board was ready to go at any moment or it wouldn't have reacted to his slightest touch. Yea. So he tells me he has to order another very expensive part to solve my problem this time.

Another week or two or three went by while we went on vacation and they waited for the part to arrive. They'd told me they'd call "the day we get back in town" but sure enough they didn't and I had to call them again to find out if the part had come in--it had. No apologies for not calling earlier and leaving a message to that effect because, hey, this whole thing was my fault right?

So my buddy Repairman Joe showed up--for a fourth time if you're keeping track. My oven had been broken for almost three months by then. But what does that matter to him? He complains about the job and how irritating it all is--as if he'd had to pay $286 for more broken oven and a repairman that will not shut up.

He installed the new control board fresh from Frigidaire. I held my breath. And it didn't work. The part was faulty, it didn't work and I was ready to bang my head against the wall. More whining but at least this time he said that he was going to call Frigidaire and get them to take care of the repair costs for the faulty part and that I wouldn't have to pay anything.

I was furious but I was hoping there was an end in sight, right? I'm essentially an optimist and though I considered going to another repair place multiple times along the way it was kind of that "In for a penny, in for a pound" thing and I worried that switching would just set me back and cost more. How wrong I was.

So he told me he'd order a new part and call me in a couple days to confirm that he was able to get Frigidaire to take care of everything--I wasn't to worry if I didn't hear within 24 hours because it might take a day or two to get an answer. So I waited. And I waited. And I waited.

Finally after two weeks of waiting I call Harold's yet again to check the status. The receptionist informed me that my file had been closed and that there was nothing happening at all because the case was finished.

This is the point where I really went ballistic. I mean I'm a nice person and as irritating as this repair guy was and as problematic as the whole thing had been I was keeping things together and was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that maybe--just maybe--he'd been the victim of circumstance and that fate had it out for him. Maybe my appliance really was the Amityville oven or something and it wasn't his fault but to hear that they'd closed everything out and written me off ticked me off. Postal? You bet.

I finally got tough and demanded all my money back and started getting downright mean about things--and that was when the boss called me to smooth things over. She assured me that there had been a mix up and that my part was on backorder and somehow that information hadn't got to me. I wanted to go for her throat because really now--after all that had happened here shouldn't my name have this big red flag on it and shouldn't they be falling over themselves to get it taken care of? Just to get rid of me if for no other reason.

So two more weeks went by until this weekend when I got a call that the new part--once again fresh from the factory--had arrived. And my good friend Mr. Repairman showed up to fix it today.

The good news? Yes, he installed the new part (the whining was just a given) and my oven finally works but the bad news?? I can hardly hold still to type this I'm still so angry about it. THEY'RE CHARGING ME FOR THE WHOLE THING! Apparently Harold's claims that Frigidaire won't do anything, that they really don't care that their crummy wall oven broke after so short a time, that the part they shipped me was junk and that I've had to pay a repairman for five visits to get it fixed.

Harold's in turn is passing the savings on to me because they claim it's not their fault if the factory shipped a junky part. So the grand total? They want another $280 PLUS labor from me! The final bill for all that whining, poor service and going without an oven for four months is over six hundred dollars. As if! If I'd had any idea of the magnitude of trauma I was in for I would have just bought a new oven from the beginning--and NOT a Frigidaire!

Do you know what you can do with your stupid oven Frigidaire?? And you too Harold's Appliance in Anchorage, Alaska (got that Google--Harold's Appliance?? Anchorage, Alaska?? Frigidaire??)

You stink Frigidaire--may you rot in appliance purgatory. Forever.

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thordora said...

I used to sell appliances-and I NEVER EVER recommended Frigidaire. We saw more of those come back than anything else. I'd never buy one either.

This sucks dude.

Mrs. Organic said...

Frigidaire - are you listening? I'm certainly never buying anything frigidaire - customer service means everything!

Jennifer said...

So, Michelle, how do you really feel? Just teasing... isn't it wonderful when you have such a highly ranked blog you can be pretty certain your words will make a difference?!

If it makes you feel any better, I googled your appliance repair company, and this post comes up on the first page!'s+appliance+anchorage%2C+ak&sourceid=navclient-ff&ie=UTF-8&rlz=1B3RNFA_enUS268US270

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Reading between the lines here, I'd say you are upset. It's subtle, but I picked up on it. I'm very perceptive that way.

chelle said...

oh geez. What a nightmare. I am so sending positive vibes to the now working oven to keep on working!

Mean Mommy said...

That is so not cool. You should report them to your BBB.

An Ordinary Mom said...

I will make sure to never buy a Frigidaire appliance. Thanks for the heads up.

I still think you should fight this ... your husband is an attorney. Have you mentioned that to Harold's yet?

Karen said...

Oooh...I feel a letter to the editor of the Anchorage Daily News coming on about Harold's Appliances and Frigidaire.

fullheartandhands mama said...

Yikes. I'd say you got your message across and entertained a few people in the process.
Talk about horrible business policies.

Stephanie said...

A bad experience six years ago and horrible service now? Certainly you are not the only one. How do companies like this stay in business?!

GreenishLady said...

I'm not sure whether to offer you sympathy for that awful series of frustrating encounters, or congratulations for telling the tale so well.

Scribbit said...

Oh I love you all--really I do! I feel better already.

Well, wait, no I'm still mad. I just got off the phone with the manager of Harold's and the bill will nearly top $700. So I'm still fuming but I'm sure I'll cool down eventually. Maybe.

But with friends like you out there I'll somehow survive this.

Jordan (MamaBlogga) said...

Keep venting until you get something real out of it. Write to Frigidaire:
Keith McLaughlin, President
Robert E. Cook, CEO

Frigidaire Corporate
250 Bobby Jones Expressway
Martinez, GA 30907
(877) 435-3287

Electrolux Home Products
PO Box 212378
Augusta, GA 30917
(from )

Write Harold himself (I'm sure you have that address ;) ).

Write a review of Harold's on Google:,+AK&fb=1&view=text&hl=en&latlng=14031680188113745674&ei=7ygRSIKSDaiKiAOA2KjiBA&sig2=TjYx2ED6PtFw8-wBFG8_4g&reviews=1&action=open

Write Frigidaire again, because they probably won't respond.

Complain continually. There is no way you should have to pay for at least the broken part that they sent you.

Jordan (MamaBlogga) said...

Oh, and did I mention haggling? Haggle like a gypsy at a yard sale. So un-PC, I know, but so is sticking you with this bill.

Tammy said...

Oh dear! I have a Frigidaire oven just like yours (only black ;-) ). We didn't purchase it, it came with the house. But still.

That is just completely awful that you are getting stuck with such a large bill. I hope they can work something out for you!

Mercy's Maid said...

That is INSANE! There's no way you should have to pay that! I feel a Better Business Bureau report coming on. Seriously. And if I were you, I wouldn't feel bad about writing an editorial in the newspaper or contacting your local news station.

I will remember this about Frigidaire.

A friend of mine is having terrible problems getting any appliance service from Sears. She got so frustrated, she started a whole blog about it (sadly there is enough material for an entire blog!)

Heather said...

I once bought a Frigidare air cond. NEVER AGAIN!! Preach it sister! Fridgiare is OF THE DEVIL. I am soooo sorry that you have had to go though this.

Terri said...

I will be sure to avoid Frigidaire in the future. This is such ridiculously bad service. Do you have any legal recourse? As someone else said, I'm surprised the repair place stays in business not to mention Frigidaire.

Alice Wills Gold said...

O.k., so there should be power in your blog...if you can't get anything done, the rest of us have no hope!

I HATE FRIGIDAIRE! And, I am not one to get all crazy like that either...saying the word HATE!

But, I HATE THEM!!! We had much of similar experiences with our front loading washer and dryer set...brand new, they ruined my clothes for three years, and I finally trashed them...I should have just trashed them from the get go.

NO ONE SHOULD BUY ANYTHING FROM FRIGIDAIRE!! And, if you have already made the mistake, just trash the appliance now and get something will save you in the long run. I swear.

Kelli said...

Three years ago, we got the devastating news my dad was going to die. Soon.

we packed up the house and moved back home to help out for the last three months.

Just prior to our arrival mom had to buy a new stove. you got it. A Frigidaire.

The top of the thing overheated beyond belief when the oven was turned on. To the point of third degree burns.

The appliance place wouldn't stand behind it. Frigidaire wouldn't stand behind it.

we ended up making several visits to the appliance shop. Finally, we raised holy heck with them and got a lawyer frined to write a letter.


It took two months, but we got her a refund (although they had the audacity to try and make her pay the pick up charge. Oh yeah buddy, bring it on).

No more Frigidaire. Ever. Ever. Ever.

allysha said...

Oh My! This is where the power of blogging gets good.

Along with Never buying a Frigidaire, I will look forward to seeing how this resolves. You do have power at your fingertips...

I like Jordan's suggestions.

Prisca said...

I'm wondering if a call to a local television station would help. Do any of your local stations do a consumer help segment?

I promise to stay far, far away from Frigidaire. That kind of product and LACK of service by Harold's is INEXCUSABLE. I'm so sorry you've had to endure all of this. I can't imagine being without an oven for so long. :(

Anonymous said...

I'm so thankful we ordered Maytag for our new house. I'm about to buy a freezer, and now I'm defiantly going with the GE model. We are young, with a lifetime of buying ahead of us, God willing, and I will not but a Frigidaire (there, you've just kept literally tens of thousands out of their hands). There are too many good competing brands for them to be treating you like this. A good company ALWAYS takes care of it's customers.

Anonymous said...

Dang. I wish you could have written my blog for me when I was having so many problems with Martha Stewart's craft department. Stupid repair company. Stupid Frigidaire. Good luck with getting this turned around.

Loralee Choate said...

I couldn't help it:

Thanks to this?

I will NEVER purchase a Frigidaire appliance. This woman? Is loved and read by a huge audience. She is rational, calm and her reviews are taken seriously.

This was a HUGE PR mistake.

You should fix it.


I couldn't help it. When I am this pissed at a company I pull out my pen and go right to the source. In this case, the source was

They should fix this.

MoziEsmé said...

I feel your pain! And I thought bad customer service was an African thing . . .

Org Junkie said...

That is terrible, no one should have to go through that crap!

Andy & Lynne said...

I am fuming just reading that story!! now I am nervous about my lame frigidaire washer and dryer! i am so sorry to hear about this experience!

Anonymous said...

That is horrible! Frigidaire beware! We mommy bloggers have more power than you realize and we're the ones who pick our appliances! GE is the same *&%#@ as Frigidaire so don't buy that either. GE dishwasher and microwave both died in less than 2 years! Google GE and you'll see lots of bloggers complaining about them. At work (a church) several staff and lots of parishioners were saying to stay clear of Maytag too! Every body loved Kenmore and my personal experience as well as my mother-in-law's and my mom's is that Kenmore is good, but who knows? "They" just don't make ANYTHING like they used to. It's time for consumers to fight back. Enough is enough! And we want GREAT customer service too!

Jeana said...

I couldn't agree more. I wrote several times about my Frigidaire washing machine, and I've read other bloggers having trouble with refrigerators, etc. their products are lousy and their customer service is horrible.

bleeding espresso said...

Grrrrrrr...I'm outraged with you!!!!!!!!

I think you should make that repairman a badly burnt batch of brownies. Ah, what the heck? Send some to Frigidaire headquarters too ;)

Shalee said...

Well, that's great to know... Sorry for the horrible and expensive time without an oven. You, my friend, were roughing it!

teal said...

I'll hop on this "Frigidaire Sucks" bandwagon! We had their brand new appliances in our home for 3 years and then all of a sudden, they all started breaking. We replaced everything with GE Profile, but after reading the other comments, that may not have been a smart move. Hopefully they'll keep working *knock on wood*. I agree with everyone else who says keep fighting! You are one person and Frigidaire is a huge company. $700 to them is nothing, but to the average person (especially these days), we need that $700 in our pockets! GOOD LUCK!

Mimi said...

Sorry to hear you had so many problems! I have had lots of problems with my 4 yr. old Whirlpool oven, too. It has a bad habit of locking itself when it senses a problem- and then the entire oven won't work. Mine didn't work for over 3 months! I found that by pushing the on/off button in and holding it for about 2 minutes unlocks it. I wonder if your oven was turning itself off via the safety lock? As for Fridgedaire and the repair shop you used..SHAME ON THEM!

Janet said...

damn damn damn. I just checked our appliances. Fortunately the oven, washer, and dryer are Whirlpool. unfortunately the dishwasher and refrigerator are Frigidaire. And they were purchased 5 years ago. The dishwasher is bottom of the line and it never gets all the dishes clean, even if you wash them first. But now at least I know that if they actually break, we'll just get a new one. I've always had good luck with Whirlpool. Never Maytag or anything from Sears. I agree with the other commenters - get the lawyer hubby to write a few letters. I love the person who referenced this post directly to Bloggers unite! Oh, I know, write to Oprah!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Oooo, you should mail both of them this post. This is why I want a shirt that says, "Be careful how you treat me, I'll blog about it tomorrow."

I'm pretty forgiving but even I would have been shaking after an event like this. No oven for 3 months??? With a family to feed??? Frigidaire not only owes you a new oven, they owe you several hundreds of dollars in take out food refunds too. And the repair guy not only owes you your money back but fresh flowers sent to your door everyday for a week.

Gray Matters said...

I'm so sorry you've been dealing with this stuff - as others have mentioned before - there is definitely power in your words. So nice to have a place to vent!

Melissa Markham said...

Sorry for what you went through. That's just crazy! I have always heard that Frigidaire is a brand to stay away from. You have given me one more reason to follow that advice.

Daisy said...

It's time to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Send a photocopy to Frigidaire; maybe their corporate people will make amends by paying you back in exchange for some positive PR. Word of mouth is killer when it's negative, and worse when it's negative and true!

Linda said...

I hereby swear off Frigidaire. Do you hear that, Frigidaire? When Scribbet rants, the people, they listen!!

Sonja said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sonja said...

Bad Frigidaire, bad!

This is absolutely outrageous! I am putting in my two cents too and I hope that someone over there at cooperate sees how much damage they've done. I will not buy a Frigidaire. I won't.

I'm Toni said...

I have a built-in Frigidaire oven and microwave combo unit, and it's 17 years old. The microwave went out and I was told that the PART would cost me $698. Everyone knows you can buy a microwave for $100. We can't replace the unit because of the ingenious design, which has all the controls for the oven and microwave in one panel. I purchased a new microwave, an LG brand, which sits on a table, and the old microwave is used for storage until the oven dies.

I think you should write to Frigidaire. or go to small claims court. Don't pay!

JMC said...

I have a Frigidaire refrigerator and dishwasher. We hadn't had the dishwasher a MONTH before it died. Luckily, since it was within that short period of time, we didn't have to pay for anything, but the inconvenience sucked. We also had to have repairman come out multiple times, order parts, etc. I think it took about 2-3 weeks before it was fixed.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say, I used Dave the Appliance Guy, Huppertech Services (907) 277.3247 when I needed help with my Frigidaire dryer. He was more than helpful, on-time, very pleasant and very knowledgeable about what he was doing. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who needs appliance help. He also shares you Frigidaire opinion, so he must be great, right?!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Wow - we will be avoiding Frigidaire...I hope they resolve this for you. Loralee wrote them and I think I will follow suit

I hope you find a better appliance repair man. If I thought it woudl help, I'd write him.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Just emailed to customer service:

To Whom It May Concern,

We recently bought a foreclosed home and were considering a frigidaire appliance recommended by Consumer Reports.

Then we ran across this in our search via web:

It helped make our decision and as a result we will NEVER purchase a Frigidaire appliance.

Customer Service is a BIG part of the purchase for us. In this day and age, products need to be backed by the company. It is a shame that this mother of FOUR is having to pay for YOUR company's mistake.

Unfortunately for you all, she has a huge audience and was recently listed in the WAshington Post as one of the top 10 mommy blogs. She is rational, calm and her reviews are taken seriously.

We will never purchase your products. There are plenty of choices.

jubilee said...

Shame on you Frigidaire and Shame on you Harold's Appliance Service. You can bet that that you'll never see a dime from me.

Mrs. Mecomber said...

Well! I'll never buy a Frigidaire (again). we bought a new fridge four years ago and have had massive problems with it. I'm going to stumble this post using StumbleUpon; maybe they'll pick up on it.

Good & Crazy said...

Hansel and Gretel indeed! Sic that lawyer who lives with you on 'em. (That's what I do).

jeanie said...

Oh dear, I understand your pain. Sadly, I have felt it.

Replace the term "Frigidaire" with "Electrolux", "Oven" with "Washing Machine", "Harold's" with our local mob and "Alaska" with my locale and we sing from the same songsheet.

Electrolux never responded to my problems. Unfortunately for them, anyone googling the particular model I had a problem with gets my posts.

The power of the consumer - amazingly effective when roused, amazingly easily placated if they are treated with decency.

jdp said...

Thanks for posting this! In the market for appliances and Frigidaire and Whirlpool were the 2 I was looking at! I'll be rethinking that and finding other options. If I am spending that much money for something I need it to work a good long while!

Susan from Food Blogga said...

I've heard Fridigaire is known for having lots of problems. Unfortunately, I've lived in many apartments and have used all brands of major appliances. Most have had their share of problems including Whirlpool and Maytag. Now I have a GE oven which I absolutely LOVE. Best of luck with yours, Michelle.

live to serve said...

As a member of the Frigidaire organization, I'm so sorry that you've had such a bad experience getting your oven repaired. I can only imagine how frustrated you must be. Hopefully I can change your mind about our company or at least make your day.

Despite some of the comments responding to your story, we do make a very high quality product and no one stands behind their products like Electrolux.

We would like to have a chance to prove that we do stand behind our products. If you can send me a copy of your invoice from Harold's, we will make things right for you, and will take this up with Harold's.

Your oven is 5 years out of warranty and we're sorry you've had trouble. As you probably know any appliance is a machine; every machine is destine to fail eventually. What really compounds the issue is the lack of quality service in Anchorage.

I'm going to make an attempt to contact you outside this blog to get things taken care. Hopefully we can make you glad that 6 years ago you made a quality decision to purchase our products!

Again, we are truly sorry you've had such a hard time with this repair.

Karen_thrifty said...

My dishwasher is Maytag, oven is GE, microwave is Magic Chef, and refrigerator is Frigidaire. lol Quite an assortment we have here. They're all under 3 years old. Hopefully, we won't live here when something goes wrong with them.

I try not pull the "I'm a writer" card, but I have had to a few times. One time my husband was going to get taken by a shoe company (for about $175) and he told them I was going to write about the injustice. Thankfully, they gave in. However, Best Buy did not.

Karen_thrifty said...

My friend had a similar horrible experience with Sears and her ice maker that was only 1 year old. She had even bought the extended warranty. Then they sent someone out, told her they didn't service the area anymore, blah, blah, blah and they ended up charging her $400+ for an ice maker!!!!! I could hardly believe it.

Anonymous said...

Well, you are definately not alone. Customers who own Frigidaire made (also sold as Kenmore) front load washers speak out:

Anonymous said...






Live to serve said...

I'm so sorry for your trouble, it sounds like the installer may have pinched a wire somewhere. Regardless, Electrolux needs to get service to you immediately to get your dishwasher running properly.

If you could contact me personally, I'd like to help you get this problem taken care of. My E-mail address is:

Freezer Gaskets said...

Gee whiz, that is an unfortunate situation that you lived through. Maybe you should try a different repair service. Like a doctor, if you don't like the first opinion get a second one. I also think that if you get a repairman to your house and he tells you what parts you need, you should order it from a wholesale appliance place, you can usually save money that way.

Thomas Wagner said...

Thanks to you for having the answer to my Frigidaire electric range problem. The door was staying locked because I leaned up against the controls while putting in a new Hotpoint over-the-range microwave in and got the range in clean mode. Well, holding down the "Clear" button for 30 seconds until fault code "F11" came up did it. Why no answers on any of the first 25 google responses? Don't know, but thanks very much. Thomas